May 28, 2020 Update from Supervisor Connolly

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  • Marin Recovers: A Reopening Roadmap 

  • Evictions, Rental Assitance, and Property Tax Penalty Waiver

  • Office Hours:
    Education and Recreation

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Marin Recovers roadmap for businesses to reopen. The goal of Marin Recovers is to share industry guidance so that as the State and County allow for more industry sectors to open, Marin businesses are ready with guidelines.

The State is currently setting the limit for allowable activities, while being clear that counties are responsible for addressing local needs based on their individual circumstances. California spans a range of urban and rural counties. Alpine County must consider the needs of less than 2,000 residents whereas Los Angeles must consider the lives of over 10,000,000. The mortality rate for Marin is higher than our neighbors to the north and south. Sonoma has 0.8 deaths per 100k residents, Marin has 5.4 deaths per 100k residents, and San Francisco has 4.6 deaths per 100k. As the State allows for higher risk activities, we are considering Marin’s indicators and population. 22.3% of Marin’s population is 65 or older, and communities of color are disproportionately affected. As we work together to rapidly and responsibly reopen, we do so with the health and safety of all Marin residents in mind.

Marin Recovers is rolling out new guidelines. Guidelines for retail and guidelines for summer camps are available. On June 1, we plan to open summer camps, coastal parks and beaches, office space, and retail stores outdoors. As soon as the State says we can open outdoor restaurants, we will.



·       Construction

·       Landscaping

·       Local Parks

·       Curbside Retail

·       Pet Grooming

·       Golf/Tennis

·       Outdoor Rental/Fitness

·       Summer Camps

·       Coastal Parks/Beaches

·       Office Space

·       Retail-Outdoors

·       Restaurants-Outdoors*
        (if approved by State)


Marin’s key indicators are guiding the next steps for Marin. Our hospital capacity, testing, and PPE supply goals are being met, and we are swiftly approaching our case investigation and contract tracing goals. We are working hard to ensure the safety of residents as we quickly reopen. Below, are the key indicators guiding our assessment for higher-risk activities.

Indicator 1: Cases and Hospitalizations

Total Number of New Cases should be Flat or Decreasing.
Number of Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19 should be Flat or Decreasing.

Indicator 2: Hospital Capacity

For at least a week, as measured by a 7-day rolling average, no more than 50% of patients in staffable, non-surge hospital beds are COVID-19 positive.

Indicator 3: Testing

Our target is for at least 200 COVID-19 tests to be conducted per 100,000 residents per day in Marin County.

Indicator 4: Case Investigation and Contact Tracing

We reach at least 90% of cases and identify their contacts;
We ensure 90% of the cases that we reach can safely isolate;
We reach at least 90% of all contacts identified; and
We ensure at least 90% of identified contacts can safely quarantine.

Indicator 5: Personal Protective Equipment

Every acute care hospital in the County has certified in writing to the Health Officer that it has access to a 30-day supply of PPE and can independently procure adequate PPE to meet its needs going forward.

No hospital, clinic, skilled nursing facility, other long-term care facility, or first responder agency is struggling to purchase PPE through standard channels, and none have needed to submit a request for assistance in obtaining PPE to the County Emergency Operations Center in the last 14 days.

Marin will continue to move quickly and thoughtfully to address the continuum of health and economic needs of our residents. Marin Economic Recovery Group, a subcommittee of Marin Recovers, is addressing the constantly evolving financial landscape. It is clear to me that businesses need customers now more than ever. Marin Recover’s work to provide safe operating guidelines for businesses will help build consumer confidence. We continue to address the physical, mental, and economic health of Marin residents.

Housing Efforts: Eviction Moratorium, Rental Assitance, and Property Tax Penalty Waiver

The pressures surrounding high housing costs in Marin are exacerbated by the economic impacts of COVID. Small landlords and tenants both find themselves in a financially precarious position. The Board of Supervisors continues to seek to strike a balance, keeping residents housed and preventing irreparable losses for small landlords. The Eviction Moratorium is extended through June 30 for residential tenants. You can learn more about the moratorium in this Marin IJ article. The Rental Assistance Program is a successful salve for the most vulnerable residential tenants and their landlords. April rent support has been processed and the program is currently working on May rent with over 1,800 residents on the waitlist. The need for rental assistance is much greater than the funding available from the partnership between the County and Marin Community Foundation.

There is no single solution to addressing the economic impacts of COVID. Financial relief is available to address penalties on property tax if homeowners or small business owners become delinquent after March 4, 2020 and before May 6, 2021. Information about the new penalty relief program will be posted at on June 11. You can learn more about this program in this news release.

Office Hours: Education and Recreation

Office Hours this week brought leaders from our education and recreation sectors together to offer the latest information. If you weren't able to join us online you can hear from, Allie Kegley, Venetia Valley K-8 School Teacher, Susan Andrade-Wax, City of San Rafael Library and Recreation Director, and Elizabeth Foehr, Vallecito Elementary School Principal through the online video.

Office Hours: Education and Recreation

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