DISTRICT 4 UPDATE: Marin Recovers


Dear District 4 Resident:

The County of Marin, in collaboration with personnel from cities and towns across Marin, is excited to announce the launch ofMarinRecovers.com. The website will connect Marin County residents, business owners, community leaders and public health professionals to collaborate on reopening the economy and community in a safe manner. The goal of MarinRecovers.com is to provide a mobile-optimized, centralized resource for all Marin residents and business owners to access recovery information, regardless of whether they live in a city, town or unincorporated Marin. Each municipality in Marin will contribute content for MarinRecovers.com so the website remains a rich resource through COVID-19 recovery.


In addition to providing an overview of recovery resources, the website outlines three stages of reopening the local economy and relaxing of shelter-in-place orders: 1) Slow the spread; 2) Sequential reopening under the Stay-at-Home Order; 3) End of the Stay-at-Home Order. Each stage of recovery has criteria that must be met before moving to the next phase to continue the successful mitigation of COVID-19 while building the infrastructure needed to move forward. A detailed recovery guidance document, the Marin County COVID-19 Recovery Plan, is available for download in English & Español.


We have also launched Marin Recovers Industry Advisors to help develop standards for various business sectors to ensure that as we open our economy, we do so safely. The industry advisory groups will be comprised of local business leaders with expertise across 15 identified (to date) industries. They will work together to provide recommendations and guidelines for how an industry could operate in a COVID-19 environment in compliance with public health orders. Our industry advisor groups will also advise on educational and informational content to support successful implementation of operational plans for various industry sectors and continue to be a resource as we navigate this unprecedented and dynamic community challenge.


A key aspect of Marin Recovers industry advisory process is the ability for the public to provide input and feedback to the advisory groups who are leading the recovery effort through this link


I encourage you to share information about the Marin County Recovery effort and Marin Recovers website on your own website or social media channels.  You can also read more about the effort via our news release.


COVID-19 is challenging every aspect of our community and will continue to do so. Together we are rising to the challenge. My thanks to you and to your staff for the unprecedented level of collaboration and cooperation to date and with all that lies ahead.


Feel free to contact me or my staff if you have any questions.




Dennis Rodoni, District 4

Marin County Board of Supervisors 


Email: drodoni@marincounty.org 

Phone: (415) 473-3092



District 4 Office: 


Lorenzo Cordova

Email: lcordova@marincounty.org

Phone: (415) 473-3092


Rhonda Kutter

Email: rkutter@marincounty.org

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