Shelter-in-Place Order Extended as Some Rules Ease 

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Shelter-in-Place Order Extended as Some Rules Ease 


Today, Marin County (along with Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara and the City of Berkeley) extended our Shelter-In-Place Order through May 31. Marin County will also extend its Public Health Orders surrounding park closures to motorized access and restrictions for short-term rentals. Marin's extended orders take affect Monday, May 4.


Some restrictions have been eased thanks to the collective action all of you have taken since mid-March. Social distancing has slowed the increase of new cases and prevented the anticipated medical surge. Health officers caution that reducing restrictions too quickly could lead to a substantial resurgence of COVID-19. 


For a good summary of the changes for Marin and discussion of steps for further opening of the economy, I encourage you to watch our Public Health Director Dr. Willis’ short video announcement.


Under the new order, all construction projects will be allowed to resume as long as the project complies with safety protocols included with the order. All real estate transactions will also now be able to resume, but with continued restrictions on open houses and limitations on in-person viewings.


Certain outdoor businesses can also begin operating again, and people can visit those businesses to perform work or obtain goods, services, or supplies. This includes wholesale and retail nurseries, landscapers, gardeners, and other businesses that primarily provide outdoor services as set forth in the order. Outdoor businesses do not include restaurants, cafes or bars, regardless of whether they have outdoor seating.  


Other activities that can resume under the new order include the use of certain shared outdoor recreational facilities that were previously ordered closed, like skate parks, golf and non contact sports - but not those that involve shared equipment or physical contact. 


Our Public Health Order requiring the use of face coverings does not presently have an end date and will remain in place until further notice. 


This initial, measured easing of some restrictions is designed to set the stage for a gradual resumption of activity and prevent rapid, exponential growth of cases that could overwhelm hospitals for a particular jurisdiction or the region as a whole.


These orders are generally consistent with the state’s Shelter-In-Place order. On any issue where the local and state orders may differ, the stricter order applies. The County is not able to allow any activities that the state order prohibits.  


Finding a Path Forward for Marin’s Economy 


To navigate the process of measured reopening, the County is launching an effort that will be known as Marin Recovers Industry Advisors. The effort will bring health care leaders, government, and industry together to work collaboratively to continually re-evaluate orders based on the status of the epidemic and Marin County’s capacity to move forward safely. Industry work groups will advise and develop standards to safely resume work, with public health guidance, across 11 specific sectors. To set expectations, the governor has indicated the rebuilding process will occur over months and not weeks.  


I know these Shelter-In-Place orders have been very painful for manindividuals and businesses. As we move forward, we have the difficult task of working to open the economy as quickly as possible while protecting the health of our community. Your efforts and sacrifice are greatly appreciated. 


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