Shelter in Place Order Extended through May 3

Supervisor Katie Rice 

Shelter in Place Order Extended through May 3rd

It’s been just over two weeks since the public health officers of Marin and six other bay area counties joined together to establish countywide “shelter in place” orders. Yesterday, March 31st, the public health officers again took collective action extending and strengthening the “shelter in place” order through May 3rd (read full order here). In addition, Marin County Public Health has issued updated park and open space rules further restricting access and use of public open space across Marin County (read here).

A pause before moving to the detail of the new order to express my awe and appreciation for what we, as individuals and a community, have accomplished to date. Overnight we have radically modified the way we live, work, socialize. This change not without pain, or impact – for some much more than others.

So, as we take in this news, wrap our heads around the fact that life will not be returning to normal for some time, I want to be sure that all realize that our actions – as individuals and broader community -- are making a difference. Confirmed cases and hospitalizations have been rising in Marin and throughout the region, but not as quickly as in other parts of the state and country. “Shelter in place” and “social distancing” are working, but more flattening of the curve – stretching out over time the number of people infected -- is going to be necessary to prevent our hospitals and health care system from being overwhelmed. Ultimately, how well we “shelter in place” will be measured in lives lost. Hence the need to lengthen and strengthen the order.

Like the previous local order, the new order requires people to stay at home except for doing essential activities (such as grocery shopping). Non-essential businesses must remain closed. Additionally, the updated order provides more specificity and clarity to what are (and are not) considered “essential” businesses and activities and adds some new directives. I call out several highlights below, but please read the entire order (only 14 pages) for the details.

  • Most construction is prohibited — including residential (unless affordable/deed restricted) and commercial (unless categorized as essential).
  • Essential businesses must develop a social distancing protocol before April 3 and if continue to operate facilities must scale down operations to their essential component only.
  • Use of playgrounds, dog parks, public picnic areas, and similar recreational areas is prohibited. Those areas must be closed to public use.
  • Individuals may access parks/open space areas that are local to their homes and are easily accessible by foot, bicycle or other non-motorized means, strictly for the purpose of engaging in exercise, and must comply with social distancing requirements. Driving to access parks or open space areas is prohibited, except for individuals with disabilities with vehicles possessing current and valid disabled person parking placards or license plates.

To learn more, read the County press release, the new stay-at-home order, the updated park closure order and a summary of changes. For information on resources or support for yourself or for others go to: Lastly, please make sure you’re subscribed to daily updates from the coronavirus website at

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