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Dear District 4 Resident:

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), these last few weeks have required us to shift our daily schedules and adapt to our local health guidelines to keep us safe. For most of us, these adjustments have proven to be a more difficult task than anticipated. Many of you have contacted my office for support, clarity, and guidance during this difficult time. Please know that my office is here to help in any way that we can.

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It is my priority to keep you informed on the County’s response to COVID-19. Below you will find information on some recent County developments to support our community during this unprecedented time.

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Rental Evictions Ban

 On March 24th, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution to prevent evictions until May 31st for both residential and commercial tenants that are unable to pay rent due to COVID-19. This resolution applies to all cities, towns, and unincorporated areas of Marin County.  We will be monitoring the current situation and we will extend the deadline should COVID-19 continue to adversely affect our community.

Click here to view the resolution and click here to view the staff report.


Safety Net Fund

 The County has partnered with the Marin Community Foundation (MCF) to develop a $1 million safety net fund to aid our most vulnerable residents. Together, the County and MCF will be focusing on the following issues related to COVID-19:

  • Emergency rental assistance for low-income residents
  • Expand access to food for economically disadvantaged families
  • Expand access to meals for older adults
  • Provide Wi-Fi mobile access for economically disadvantaged students
  • Provide emergency childcare for healthcare workers and first responders

 In addition, MCF has launched a separate fund, the COVID-19 Fund, to directly support those that need it the most in our community. To donate to this fund, click here.  

Click here to read the County press release related to these items.


Influx of Visitors to Marin County

 On March 21st and 22nd, Marin County saw an unprecedented number of visitors to our local parks and open spaces. Most of these visitors, by crossing county lines, were in violation of the shelter in place order that each Bay Area county adopted on March 16th. Many District 4 communities felt a significant impact, noting overcrowding and a disregard for the health of Marin County’s residents.

On March 24th, Marin County issued a public health order to strengthen our local protocols to ensure that visitors are aware that Marin County is sheltering in place. The Marin County Sheriff’s Department has placed signage around the main throughways of Marin County informing visitors that our parks and public spaces are closed to visitors traveling via motorized vehicles. While under normal circumstances we welcome visitors to Marin County, right now is not the time to visit our parks, open spaces, and beaches

Please note, that Marin County residents may continue to responsibly access park facilities that are in close proximity to their residence and easily accessible by foot, bicycle, and other non-motorized vehicle for the purpose of engaging in Essential Activities as defined in the March 24 shelter in place order, that includes outdoor exercise.  Please take a moment to read the March 24th public health order by clicking here.

Remember that the purpose of the March 24th public health order is to keep the most vulnerable members of our community safe from the spread of COVID-19. To do this we all need to:

  • Remain at home as much as possible.
  • Stay local for outdoor exercise.
  • Don't drive, except for essential travel.
  • Maintain 6-foot distance from anyone outside your household.
  • Practice personal hygiene.

 Short-Term Rentals

 My office is aware that many short-term rentals are continuing to operate in Marin County.  Both the Emergency Operations Center and Marin County Counsel have confirmed that operating a short-term rental for non-essential purpose is a violation of local and state shelter in-place orders. Short-term vacation rentals are not an essential business and are not exempt from local and state orders. Under normal circumstances, we would welcome out-of-town visitors, but right now we must limit the number of outside visitors and their potential impact to our local communities. 


Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank our County workforce, health care providers, first responders, and other essential workers like grocery store employees, gas station attendants, and truck drivers for their hard work and flexibility under the circumstances.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office for any support you may need.



Dennis Rodoni

Email: Drodoni@marincounty.org

Phone: (415) 473-7331


District 4 Staff: 

Lorenzo Cordova

Email: Lcordova@marincounty.org

Phone: (415) 473-3092

Rhonda Kutter

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