Kentfield-Greenbrae Project Updates and Upcoming Meetings

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Kentfield/Greenbrae Project Updates and Upcoming Meetings


2020 will be another busy year in the Ross Valley as several important multi-year projects break ground and others come close to completion. With this newsletter, providing updates on projects underway or kicking off in Kentfield/Greenbrae/Larkspur area. I include projects led by the County, as well as other lead agencies (City of Larkspur, College of Marin) as they are all within the same general area and individually or collectively will likely have some impact on everyone who lives, works, or travels through the lower Ross Valley.

Towards minimizing impacts, the County, working with the other lead agencies, will be developing a joint management and monitoring plan with a goal of lessening impacts, coordinating communication, and being as proactive as possible in providing information via multiple mediums to residents as these projects move forward. My office will do its best to keep you up to date as well. As always, please feel free to call, complain, offer constructive criticism or just vent.

Sir Francis Drake Improvement Project (County of Marin)

The County will put out to bid this month the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard improvement project. This major rehab of Marin’s busiest east/west arterial should begin later this summer and will last for approximately 18 months. The project, developed through a robust community process during 2017 and 18, is designed to improve vehicle flow, transit operations, pedestrian and bicyclist safety and circulation from Ross town limits to101. The project also integrates an important MMWD main water line improvement along SFD.

A community workshop will be held in April (date TBD) to provide residents with an update and review of project, solicit input on construction management options, and gather feedback on communication preferences. Timely, consistent communications will be imperative in mitigating traffic impacts for this project. More to come on this.

For more information, visit the project website.

Bridge Replacement at Hal Brown Park (County of Marin)

Marin County Parks will be replacing the asphalt pathway and wood bridge that connects Bon Air Road to the Corte Madera Creek Multi-use Path at Hal Brown Park across from Marin General. A new 120’ x 10’ wide long prefabricated corten steel bridge will span the existing wetlands and tidal waters. The new pathway elevation is set to address localized flooding, anticipated sea level rise, and more frequent storm events resulting from climatic change in the next 50 years. A 44 long wooden boardwalk and 80-foot-long raised asphalt pathway will connect to the easterly and westerly side of the bridge and ultimately into the existing asphalt pathways. Construction of the bridge abutments, boardwalk, and raised pathway will be outside the limits of wetlands.

Click here for more information on Marin County Parks projects.

Bon Air Bridge Update (City of Larkspur)

The Bon Air Bridge project is two years in and about halfway through construction. The northside of the bridge (Stage 1) has now been completed and work will begin to remove the old existing southside of the bridge, relocate utilities and make roadway improvements. There will be minor travel-way lane adjustments on Bon Air Road to direct traffic onto the new bridge and traffic speeds will remain below 15 mph to help ensure public safety. Pedestrians and bicyclists will also utilize the new northside bridge pedestrian pathway by following the detour signs located at the Bon Air Road mid-block crossing and S. Eliseo/Route 20 crosswalk.

Constructing the southside and connecting with the northside will take about a year and a half with project projected for completion Spring 2022.

Please visit for more information, construction updates, FAQ’s, Project Infoline and more.

South Eliseo Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Improvements (City of Larkspur)

South Eliseo Drive connects Bon Air Road and the Corte Madera Creek Path and provides access to homes, offices, and Hamilton Park. It serves as a popular pedestrian and bicyclist route for both commute and recreational purposes and Marin Transit's 228 bus line. The City of Larkspur’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan calls for pedestrian and bicycle improvements on this roadway.

Two community meetings were held in 2019 to get input from residents and businesses regarding traffic calming and pedestrian improvements including narrower travel lanes, Class III bicycle sharrow markings and raised median islands, curb ramps and marked crosswalks at select intersections.

The City of Larkspur has received partial funding through Transportation Authority of Marin's Safe Pathways to Schools Program and will be implementing improvements this summer including installation of 5 curb ramps/crosswalks, bicycle markings and 5 splitter islands.

Click here for more information.

College of Marin Learning Resource Center Project (COM)

As part of the Measure B Bond Program, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) will be demolished (summer 2020) and a new facility will be built on the same site, roughly same size, for the same use. The project will also include landscaping and improvement to the existing surface parking. The LRC is off College Avenue across from Half Day Café.

A Town Hall meeting and intercept interviews were held in January to get college and community input on vision for project. More opportunities to participate will be available this spring. Visit for more information or contact Isidro Farias, COM’s Director of Capital Projects at

Marin Health Nearing Completion (Marin Healthcare District)

The “New” Marin Health Medical Center is slated to open in 2020 and is designed to be a best-practices environment that enables medical teams to do their best work and improve patient outcomes. The new hospital includes: a four-story, 260,000 square-foot hospital replacement building, a five-story 100,000 square-foot ambulatory services building and a new staff parking structure – already built and in use. In addition, every aspect of the hospital will meet or exceed the latest state-mandates standards for earthquake safety. Guiding principles are: Patient-Centric care, Safety and Efficiency, Future Friendly, Green Design.

Marin Health would like to invite the community to a “grand opening” celebration this spring to tour the facilities and learn more. Stay tuned for date and time.

Visit for more information on the project.

Upcoming Meetings Open to the Community

County Service Area (CSA) #16 Advisory Board – Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, Bacich Library, 7pm

CSA #16 Advisory Board advises County Parks and Open Space staff, and the Board of Supervisors, on projects and programs that can be conducted with funding from the budget of CSA #16 and that affect County lands contained within the boundaries of CSA #16. The Council consists of five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors for terms of two years. Regular meetings are held twice a year, on the 2nd Thursday of February and September at 7pm.

Click here for the upcoming agenda. For more information, call 415-473-6387 or visit the webpage.

Kentfield Planning Advisory Board – Wednesday, February 12th, College of Marin Administration Building, 7pm

Kentfield Planning Advisory Board (KPAB) reviews referrals of all planning projects for the Planning Department including master plans, subdivisions, design reviews, rezoning applications, general plan amendments, and environmental review documents; also reviews major public works projects that significantly impact the community. The Board consists of seven members, including a representative from COM and representative from business community. Members represent the unincorporated areas of Kentfield and Greenbrae and express interest and expertise on land use planning and environmental issues. Regular meetings are held second and fourth Wednesdays of each month if projects need review.

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