No annexation of unincorporated Novato

District 5 Header Image 2016

I wanted to provide an update about a local issue that has concerned many of my constituents that reside in the unincorporated communities of Novato (Blackpoint, Greenpoint, Bel Marin Keys, Indian Valley and Loma Verde). 

Marin LAFCo is a subdivision of the State of California, and one of its responsibilities is to conduct Municipal Service Reviews (MSR) - which are comprehensive studies of the availability, range, and performance of governmental services provided within a defined geographic area.   

The Draft MSR for Novato was presented at LAFCo’s public meeting last Thursday, October 10.  I am an alternate on the LAFCo Board and attended the meeting. 

There is a misleading statement in the current Draft MSR regarding annexation on page 14. This gives the impression that LAFCo is looking to annex all five areas mentioned in that section (unincorporated neighborhoods in Novato).  It should have been noted here that the City of Novato has an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) that would not allow these unincorporated neighborhoods to be annexed into the City Limits and that Marin LAFCo would not move forward with any annexation without support of the people who live in these communities. I have requested that the language on page 14 be clarified and updated to include these points. The draft MSR document can be viewed here 

At my request, the review period for the Novato MSR has been extended to October 31 to provide additional time for public comment. Public comments should be directed to A final draft of this report is planned to be reviewed at the December 12 LAFCo meeting.

Please know I am not advocating for annexation of any unincorporated areas of Novato.

Kind regards,