Spring Coffee at Albert Park Rescheduled to June 22!

Supervisor Katie Rice 

Spring Coffee at Albert Park Rescheduled!


Dear San Rafael/Gerstle Park Resident,

Hope you’re enjoying the spring/summer weather that is finally here!

Just wanted to let you know that we are rescheduling “Spring Coffee at Albert Park” (previously scheduled for tomorrow, June 8) to a new date– Saturday, June 22nd from 10-11am. Hope this date works for you and sorry for any inconvenience.

Please drop by and we can chat about whatever you have on your mind. I’ll be at Albert Park Playground (B street between Community Center and Marin Bocce, San Rafael).

If you’d like to talk or meet one-on-one and can’t make that date/time, or just have a question or comment to pose by email, please contact me at krice@marincounty.org or call (415) 473-7825.

Thank you!

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