Update from Kate - Seminary Tomorrow Working Group Update of January 2019

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Update from Kate

A Message from the Seminary Working Group

The Seminary Tomorrow discussion participants - North Coast Land Holdings (NCLH), which owns the Seminary property, and the community caucus members - have asked me to share their periodic updates with residents who subscribe to my District Three news and information.

Please feel welcome to share this with others in the community who wish to know about these discussions. Happy New Year 2019.

Seminary Tomorrow Working Group - Community Update

January 2019

This is the fourth in a series of updates on the facilitated discussions between North Coast Land Holdings and community representatives about the future redevelopment of the Seminary site in Strawberry.

The Seminary Tomorrow working group, which consists of representatives of North Coast Land Holdings (NCLH) and eight representatives from the Strawberry community, has been meeting for the last eight months to study redevelopment options that are sensitive to the community’s and the developer’s interests. The goal is to gain consensus with the community on key aspects of the proposed redevelopment prior to beginning the County of Marin’s extensive public review process.

Seminary Tomorrow participants have been asked "what’s taking so long?"

We originally thought that this process would be finished within a few months; however, it has taken longer than anticipated while we developed a meeting process/protocol that worked for all participants, got to know one another and built trust, and figured out meeting times and dates to maximize participation.

Early meetings focused on learning more about NCLH’s proposed redevelopment scenarios and providing information on the community’s needs, interests and concerns. The working group continues to meet on average about twice a month and has formed subcommittees to study specific project elements in depth and provide recommendations to the larger group.

We continue to make progress on the various elements of the project. Seminary Tomorrow anticipates hosting a community meeting when we have addressed most elements of the project plan. The community will be encouraged to review and comment on our work.

Input gathered at the meeting will be taken back to the Seminary Tomorrow group for discussion and incorporated into the plan, as appropriate. We will then host a second community meeting to discuss how input was considered and next steps in the process.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to meet.

For more information about the Seminary Tomorrow working group or to be added to our project mailing list, please contact:

Josh Sale, SeminaryNeighbors@gmail.com

Tracy Craig, 510-334-4866 (nights/weekends okay) or tracy@craig-communications.com