Update from Kate - Continued High Tides and Flooding Predicted

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Good Afternoon -

The Bay Area continues to experience high tides and flooding can be expected from this latest storm front.

Tuesday through Friday of this week had predicted tides of less than 6.0', however actual tides are currently exceeding 6.0’ at the SF Gauge. 

Tides are currently running about 0.5’ above predicted levels.

Today's Predicted Tide was 5.94 at 1:50 PM - but the actual high tide on Tuesday was 6.46’ 

  • Predicted Tide: Wed Nov 28, 2:54 PM*: 5.49’
  • Predicted Tide: Thur Nov 29, 5:14 AM*: 5.22’

Tides over six feet can result in flooding, but there is an increased risk with the current storm.

I want to caution everyone in southern Marin to remain vigilant and aware of the potential hazards, especially in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding. Please take necessary precautions when driving, and stay safe out there!