Update from Kate - Seminary Tomorrow Working Group Update of October 2018

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Update from Kate

A Message from the Seminary Working Group

The Seminary Tomorrow discussion participants - North Coast Land Holdings (NCLH), which owns the Seminary property, and the community caucus members - have asked me to share their periodic updates with residents who subscribe to my District Three news and information.


Please feel welcome to share this update with others in the community who wish to know about these discussions. Enjoy our fine fall weather.


Seminary Tomorrow Working Group - Community Update


October 2018

This is the third in a series of updates on discussions between North Coast Land Holdings and community representatives about the future redevelopment of the Seminary site in Strawberry.

The Seminary Tomorrow working group, which consists of representatives of North Coast Land Holdings (NCLH) and eight representatives from the Strawberry community, has been meeting for the last five months. The purpose of these meetings was to explore redevelopment options that are sensitive to community interests and seek consensus on key aspects of the proposed redevelopment, prior to beginning the County of Marin’s extensive public review process.

Early meetings explored NCLH’s proposed scenarios, which include a mix of housing types, academic/institutional uses, a senior living facility, and potential recreational amenities and open space. Presentations were also provided by experts on senior living facilities and traffic demand management. Following this information, community representatives provided feedback to NCLH.

Feedback focused largely on maintaining the tranquil nature of Strawberry, minimizing traffic and congestion, and overall project density. Realizing the mutual interest in compromise, NCLH – with input from community representatives – is exploring ways to reduce density and studying lower-impact uses for the existing academic buildings.

The Strawberry Tomorrow working group will continue to meet. It is anticipated that a public meeting to provide a project update and gather input on the redevelopment plan will be held in the coming months.

For information about NCLH's redevelopment plans or questions about the property, please contact: Tracy Craig at 510/334-4866 or tracy@craig-communications.com

For information about the Seminary Neighborhood Association or the Strawberry Tomorrow community representatives, please email: Josh Sale at SeminaryNeighbors@gmail.com