Update from Kate - This Week at the Board of Supervisors: January 30, 2018

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Resolution to Protect Our Ocean Coastlines from Offshore Drilling and Fracking

It is with great hope that my colleague, Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, and I brought forward this resolution to support the protection of all coastal waters from the environmental destruction that comes with offshore oil drilling and extraction. President Trump’s America First Offshore Energy Executive Order puts our coastal resources at risk of more oil spills, threatening the health of our oceans and marine wildlife, and exacerbating the already accelerating rate of climate change. My thanks to the many community members who spoke in favor of this resolution – we were even joined by a “dolphin”!

Community Support - and a Dolphin!

The State of the County Report

I am pleased to present our 2018 State of the County VIDEO message, which highlights our top five priorities: ensuring ongoing fiscal responsibility, maintaining quality roads, addressing housing needs, developing equitable solutions, and adapting to climate change. The County of Marin has 22 departments, and 2,200 employees who deliver 220 crucial programs to our community. Take a look at this short video that highlights the remarkable work that County employees have been doing.

I hope you will also take a look at the newly-released FY 2016-17 Annual Report, which highlights some of the successes and the work that was accomplished during the past fiscal year.  Read the stories, investigate the statistics, and share in the celebration – Marin County works for you in all of our communities.

Support for DACA: the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals Program

My colleagues and I stand in strong support of protecting California residents who came to this country as children. Marin is estimated to have 1500-2000 such residents, people who are a vital part of our community. Ending DACA is senselessly cruel, resulting in the deportation of people who have advanced their educations, started businesses, and are part of the fabric of our community. Read the letter our Board sent to Senators Feinstein and Harris and Congressman Huffman.  

The San Quentin News Celebrates its 100th Edition

The San Quentin News, written by prisoners and circulated to 43 prisons in California and around the country, reports on rehabilitative efforts to increase public safety and achieve social justice. The paper celebrated its 100th published edition at an inspiring event inside the prison last Friday afternoon, with stories of caring, collaboration and redemption. In 2015, the men in the prison media center became the first inmates to establish a satellite chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists from inside a U.S. prison. The newspaper now features a Spanish section to serve the 41% of incarcerated inmates in California who are Latino. The San Quentin News team of inmates and professional advisors are featured on TEDx videos and a podcast “Ear Hustle” – their stories are inspiring and informative and I encourage you to check them out.     

Not enough rain! 

County Flood Control Staff has confirmed what we all suspected: it has not rained much this winter compared to last year. According to staff, reported rainfall amounts from October 1 to the present in Mill Valley were 28 inches last year, compared to 10.5 inches this year. For Kentfield, the amounts were 46 inches last year and 15 inches this year; and in Novato, 28 inches last year and less than 9 inches this season. It’s time to pray for rain!