Update from Kate - Rain Expected - Watch for High Tides at the Usual Places

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Update from Kate


Rain is Predicted to Return Wednesday

Along with Possible Thunderstorms.

Watch for High Tides Again at the Usual Places!



Expected Weather: An active weather pattern will return to the region starting on Wednesday and continue into Friday. Wednesday afternoon and evening will likely feature the heaviest rainfall and also has the greatest risk of thunderstorms. Rain will diminish on Thursday before a second system arrives on Friday.


Tide Report: Here are the predicted tides for this week. All heights and times are at the Golden Gate Bridge.


Please be aware of your surroundings and watch for flooding at the usual places such as at Tam Junction, the Manzanita Park & Ride and Marin City.


Jan 3   High       7.0 ft at 11:42 AM

            Low       -1.6 ft at 6:28 PM           


Jan 4   High       6.6 ft at 12:34 PM

            Low       -1.2 ft at 7:16 PM


Jan 5  High       6.1 ft at 1:28 PM

           Low       -0.80 ft at 8:04 PM


Jan 6 High       5.6 ft at 3:18 AM

          Low       -0.2 ft at 8:54 PM


Jan 7  High       5.6 ft at 4:07 AM

           Low       0.5 ft at 9:47 PM


For further information, please consult the National Weather Service site at this location: http://www.weather.gov/mtr/.


Please stay in touch with me at ksears@marincounty.org.