Update from Kate - Upgrades to MV-Sausalito Multiuse Pathway

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Update from Kate

Upgrades to Mill Valley - Sausalito Multiuse Pathway on Their Way!

I’m delighted to let you know about the long-awaited repaving of two segments of the Mill Valley-Sausalito Multiuse Pathway, our County’s most heavily used park facility. All users – students, older adults from the Redwoods, bicyclists, dog walkers and people out for a scenic stroll – will note changes, especially in heavily trafficked areas, that will help everyone enjoy the path safely.

Here are the details for the two phases of this pathway rehabilitation project:

Phase 1 – East Blithedale Avenue to Vasco Court – NOW! June 19 to mid-July

The first phase will focus on the 0.7 mile section from East Blithedale Avenue north to Vasco Court. Beginning Monday, June 19th and concluding in mid-July, the path will be widened to 10 feet wide to meet statewide standards with two-foot shoulders along each side. These upgrades will significantly increase bicycle and pedestrian safety for the primary users of this section: elementary and middle school students and nearby residents. A smoother surface also will enhance the walking and riding experience.

This project is funded, in the amount of $224,775, by a State Transportation Development Act grant and Marin County Parks Measure A funds. 

Pathway closure: Starting June 19th, this section of path will be closed to all traffic for three weeks. Signage will define the detour and guide the public. This closure is timed to coincide with the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin’s (SASM) pump station replacement project, with coordination among the City of Mill Valley, Marin County Public Works, Marin County Parks and SASM to minimize detour impacts.

Phase 2 – East Blithedale Avenue to Almonte Boulevard – anticipated start in early September to conclude in November

Phase 2 of the pathway improvements will address the 0.9 mile stretch of pathway from East Blithedale to Almonte Boulevard, which is in need of repair and repaving. The cost of this work is $340,000, funded by a Federal Priority Conservation Area grant and matching Marin County Parks Measure A funds.

Note on timing: While starting work in the Fall when students return to school is challenging, because this is an environmentally sensitive area, September is the earliest construction can begin to ensure it does not impact the nesting season of the Ridgway Rail.

Future Planning for Bothin Marsh and the Multiuse Pathway from Almonte Boulevard to Gate Six

As everyone who walks or bikes the multiuse pathway from Almonte Boulevard to Gate Six knows, this portion of the pathway also needs a lot of work. Because the pathway here transects Bothin Marsh, careful planning and collaboration are key to moving forward.

The Bothin Marsh area south of the Almonte/Miller intersection is home to a vital and biologically diverse ecosystem ranging from rare plants to peregrine falcons. Preserving this area and preparing it to adapt to sea level rise is a complex challenge.

As a result, planning for this area calls for a comprehensive vision that brings together all the stakeholders including residents, environmental experts, business owners, County Parks and Public Works staff and local community leaders in Mill Valley, Tam Valley, Almonte, Marin City and the north Sausalito floating homes community.

Initial stakeholder meetings will get underway early next year with more extensive community meetings planned for the summer of 2018.

Let me know if you’d like Marin County Parks to add you to their notice list for future Bothin Marsh meetings.  You can write to me at ksears@marincounty.org.