Update from Kate - Caltrans Camera Now Provides View of Shoreline/Manzanita Park & Ride

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Update from Kate

Caltrans Camera Now Provides View of
Shoreline Highway/Manzanita to Help Trip Planning

At my urging, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) now provides local residents and businesses with a live street view of Shoreline Highway/Route One at the Manzanita parking lot.

Flooding at this heavily trafficked location results in frequent traffic lane and park & ride closures. Caltrans repositioned one of its security cameras and, though the view is somewhat limited, this should be a helpful tool that enables residents to see this area in "real time" and plan trips and commute parking accordingly.

Please access this street view from your laptop or desktop only, as this link  does not usually work from cell phones: http://video.dot.ca.gov/asx/d4-S101-at-jct1.asx. We hope that this feature will help all of us see what's happening at this key location so that we can plan our travels using this information. Thanks to Caltrans for making this possible. In the meantime, we're working together to analyze the complex flooding issues in southern Marin and expect to implement short-term measures, while mapping out medium- and long-term solutions, as well.

Please share this information with friends, neighbors, and local businesses. Stay in touch and let me know what you think about this new tool at ksears@marincounty.org.

Thanks for your ideas, support, and collaborative spirit
in these rainy days of winter