Update from Kate - Status Note on Malfunctioning Tam Valley/Manzanita Traffic Light

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Update from Kate

Status Note on Malfunctioning Tam Valley/Manzanita Traffic Light

I want to thank everyone who sent emails on Saturday alerting me to the situation with the malfunctioning signal light in Tam Valley. Community members are our eyes and ears when situations arise that need attention, so all of you were a help to me as well as your neighbors, and everyone else who was affected. I was able to contact senior staff at Caltrans directly on Saturday. If you saw our posts yesterday, you know that the flooding from last week’s King Tides and storms caused the malfunction, and was also the obstacle to fixing the problem quickly, as the engineers were forced to wait for the flooding to subside before they could rewire the connections.

I am grateful to Caltrans for getting the signal light repaired as soon as it was feasible. We all regret the inconvenience everyone driving through that intersection experienced. I met with Caltrans’ senior staff on Wednesday morning, January 18th and we are looking for ways to improve communication among jurisdictions and agencies, so that we can enhance our responsiveness and provide timely information about what is happening and why some delays are unavoidable.

I appreciate your vigilance about flooding and safety. Please feel welcome to share this with friends and neighbors. Also, urge others to sign up for my news and information here. Stay in touch with me at ksears@marincounty.org and remember to drive cautiously, especially during this rainy weather, making sure to look out for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and school children.