Update from Kate - Blinking Traffic Light at Shoreline Highway/State Route One

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Thank you to all of the Tam Valley and Mill Valley neighbors who contacted my office, both by phone and email, over the weekend regarding the traffic signal at Manzanita that has been blinking red since Friday. I contacted Caltrans’ regional director about this on Saturday after I received the first e-mails from residents.

The County’s Department of Public Works has also been in contact with Caltrans, as it is Caltrans’ signal light and not something we can resolve. According to Caltrans, the malfunction was caused by the heavy flooding that occurred last week. Caltrans has been waiting for the water to recede to do the necessary repairs. We have been told that repairs could be made as early as today. I will be meeting with Caltrans tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18 and I assure you that this matter will be discussed.

I realize what a huge impact this has had on traffic, and that it has inconvenienced many, so thank you for your patience as we work with Caltrans to get this resolved. I will send additional updates as I get them.