Update from Kate - Litter Prevention in Marin & Your Chance to Pitch In! Read here for details.

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Update from Kate

Litter Prevention in Marin &
Your Chance to Pitch In

Tarp Your Load is a new program led by the Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP) and Marin Clean Highways. Local government and the nonprofit sector are collaborating to spread the message to secure loads, reduce highway trash and create safer, more beautiful communities.

How did this get started? Five years ago, three Strawberry residents separately approached me about their concern for litter on our local streets and highways. We met on several occasions and out of this a litter busting movement was born. Soon joined by a City of Mill Valley resident, this informal group of roll-up-their-sleeves litter activists launched a nonprofit organization, Marin Clean Highways, to help fund litter cleanups on local roads.  The goal is to keep communities cleaner while protecting water quality in our creeks and bays. Now focused on tarping unsecured truck loads to prevent roadway litter, MCSTOPPP and Marin Clean Highways are hoping to recruit 4 volunteers to work at the next Tarp Your Truck event. Volunteers are needed to perform 2 shifts for set-up and clean-up. Everyone will hand out tarps to drivers of vehicles with unsecured loads and cool prizes to reward those with secured loads.

Unsecured loads can contribute to trash as well as create safety hazards on roadways when debris falls off the backs of pickup trucks and commercial vehicles. The California Highway Patrol and San Rafael Police Department have been active in this education and outreach campaign, providing helpful advice, motivating us all to do the right thing! Tarp Your Truck

When: Thursday, October 27 9am - 1pm Location: Marin Sanitary Services | 565 Jacoby St., San Rafael

To volunteer and learn more about the Tarp Your Truck initiative, please contact Marin Clean Highways by clicking the link provided.

Thanks for remembering to tarp your load and keep me informed of your own "litter busting" activities by writing ksears@marincounty.org or call (415)473-7331.