Free Financial Counseling Available to Older Adults

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Update from Kate

Free Financial Counseling Available to Older Adults

The Aging Action Initiative (AAI) Economic Security Workgroup has just announced its new program “Money Matters: Addressing Your Financial Future in Marin.” Money Matters is kicking off with five public workshops starting October 1 to assist older adults with essential decision-making regarding their financial security. The program, free to Marin residents, starts soon.

The goal of the program is to help residents help clarify their financial situations and explore choices around critical issues like housing, jobs and financial planning.

The program is the latest addition to  Aging Action Initiative, launched in 2014 by the Marin County Board of Supervisors to promote a countywide age-friendly environment. Money Matters is a collaboration of the Marin Women’s Commission, the Marin Commission on Aging and several community organizations, including the YWCA of Marin.

To date, AAI workgroups have offered professional training and networking events focused on mental health and dementia, food and nutrition, and information assistance and referral.

Money Matters is intended to reach older adults and their loved ones, with a special effort to reach women. To register for any of these five events or to learn more, read here for details.

Please feel welcome to share this information with friends, neighbors and older adults who may be interested. Thank you for helping us make this series widely known and attended. Stay in touch and feel welcome to let me know your thoughts or ask questions at or call (415)473-7331.