Update from Kate: Changes Coming to Tennessee Valley Traffic Light

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Good news for everyone who has expressed concerns about the traffic impact of cars making left turns from Shoreline Highway onto Tennessee Valley road. Currently, you can only make a left turn on a green arrow. This is about to change, so the left turn will become both "protected" and "permissive". The change requires the installation of new signal lights in a configuration that is new to Marin County.

On Thursday, June 23rd, Caltrans workers will take down the signal that was installed in 2013 and replace it with one that has a cluster of five lights. This work will happen overnight so that there will be the least disruption to traffic.

The new signal lights are arranged with a red stop light on top, two caution yellow lights side by side below the red one and two green lights side by side at the bottom. The yellows and greens will have arrows for those turning left and solid colors for through traffic.


The Marin County Department of Public Works (DPW) and Caltrans are overseeing the installation by contractor DC Electric. Caltrans maintains and operates the traffic signals, including implementation of traffic signal timing for the Shoreline Highway corridor. Caltrans and County DPW are in the process of making signal modifications to reduce traffic delays in the Shoreline Highway corridor, which should be in place by the end of August 2016.