Update from Kate: Reduce GHG Emissions and Get More EV Charging Stations in Marin

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Let’s Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Here in Marin:


Know A Public Agency That Needs an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?
Here’s Funding to Make That Happen!


Electric Vehicles (EVs) have arrived in Marin in a big way! EVs help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), using cleaner fuel for a cleaner environment. The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) is eager to promote increased EV ownership and reduce “range anxiety” by incentivizing the installation of more charging stations throughout Marin.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Will your next car purchase be an EV? If so, do you want to see more charging stations where your kids attend school and where you work or do business?


  • If you are a teacher or staff at one of our local schools, would you consider driving an EV if your school had a charging station?


  • Do you work for a local Marin public agency and wish you could drive an EV to work?


If so, let your elected School Board member or Superintendent, facilities director, or agency general manager know that there’s money available to help fund the installation of EV charging stations.


TAM’s EV charging station grant program is open to all public agencies within Marin County.  Based on a first-come, first-serve basis, the program will provide matching funds, whichever is higher, for 50 percent of the complete installation up to $1000 for one Level 1 charger or up to $2,500 for one Level 2 charger. Funds are available until depleted for the year.


The transportation sector is the biggest contributor to California’s greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for nearly 40% of these emissions. Marin’s per capita GHG emissions associated with vehicle transportation is about 3.5 metric tons per year, equivalent to the weight of nearly three elephants, and exceeds the Bay Area average by approximately 0.3 metric tons. (vitalsigns.com) We can get that number down by switching to clean fuel vehicles.


The California Center for Sustainable Energy estimates that there are as many as 50,000 EVs registered in the Bay Area, and recent estimates rank Marin County as the second highest in the region for EV ownership per capita. Let’s make it No. 1!


For more information, contact TAM staff member, Nicholas T. Nguyen, at nnguyen@tam.ca.gov or call him at (415)226-0831 to sign up or click here to find out the details.


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