Update from Kate - Improvements Coming to Tam Junction at Arco Station Area

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Improvements Coming to Tam Junction at Shoreline Highway
To Improve Traffic Flow Near the Heavily Used Arco Station Entry

Installation of a Median Barrier Restricting Left-turning Motorists from Entering Arco Station from Shoreline Highway South of the Almonte Boulevard/Shoreline Highway Intersection

Customers turning into the Arco gas station, or waiting to turn from the left turn lane, often prevent other motorists from proceeding through the Almonte Boulevard/Shoreline Highway Intersection on a green light. Caltrans and Marin County have studied and approved a left-turn restriction into the Arco gas station with the use of a median barrier. This installation will direct gas station customers to another driveway entrance and improve traffic flow in an area that has been a key traffic bottleneck.

We hope and expect that by taking this action we'll help relieve another of the challenges we all experience at this busy cross-roads of local and recreational traffic. Let's give this median barrier time to work itself into everyone's travel patterns, especially as we welcome our long-awaited grocery store, Good Earth Natural Foods, to the neighborhood.

Once this median barrier is constructed, motorists driving north on Shoreline Highway will not be able to turn left into the Arco gas station south of the Route 1/Almonte Boulevard intersection. After turning left through the intersection, motorists will be permitted to turn left into the Arco station at the farthest driveway entrance past the intersection.

Because Shoreline/Route 1 is a state highway, Caltrans Traffic Operations staff reviewed and approved the proposed restriction, prepared detailed designs and specified a durable median barrier to help reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Marin County is funding the installation costs ($36,000) and has hired a contractor, Chrisp Company, to install the median barrier, signage and pavement markings.

Installation of the median barrier will occur overnight on March 2 (Wednesday) and may extend into the evening of March 3 (Thursday), 2016. To minimize disruption, work hours are scheduled between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. We apologize for the inconvenience to local residents and businesses. We expect nighttime delays, due to a lane closure, to last only 10 minutes at a time. Changeable message signs, placed in advance of construction, will remind everyone about this upcoming work and to avoid the area during work times, if possible. If you have questions about this safety project, please direct them to Marin County Public Works project engineer, Reuel Brady at (415) 473-6525 or rbrady@marincounty.org.

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