Update from Kate - The "OWLs" are Flying Away!

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Photo montage of OWL ScopeTHE "OWLs" ARE FLYING AWAY ON

Here is one last chance this weekend to visit the OWL virtual reality sea level rise viewers!

If you haven’t visited them yet, don’t miss this opportunity to “see” what sea level rise might look like, in a location that already experiences flooding from King Tide events (December 3, 2014 was memorable). They are located in Mill Valley along the Multi-Use Path, at Almonte and Miller Avenue, near Tam High.

Besides the virtual reality images of flooding scenarios, two possible solutions are also presented. There is an opportunity to take a short survey and leave an audio recording of your thoughts. To date, over 3,700 people have visited and more than half have taken the survey. An overwhelming percentage have expressed their concern about climate change and rising sea levels, and have also indicated that they want to be involved in community planning.

This pilot project is a partnership between Climate Access and the County of Marin, and was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This high-tech OWL viewer has helped all of us visualize how our community will be affected in the future, and it has started the conversation about how we plan for that future.

I hope you will all come and take a look through the OWL viewers to see what higher high tides mean for that location along the multi-use path now and what it might look like in the future. And mark your calendars now for October 8: there will be a community conversation, held at 5:30 PM at the Mill Valley Community Center, about the OWL project and the County’s efforts to adapt to climate change. Join the conversation with community members, business leaders, and elected officials as we discover what is most vulnerable to sea level rise in Marin County and explore pathways of action we can take together.