Update from Kate – Good News on the Tam Valley Traffic Front

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~ Good News on the Traffic Front ~


Returning Soon! Permissive Left Turn at Shoreline Highway &

Tennessee Valley Road

To Ease Access and Flow at Tam Junction


I’m pleased to inform you that the permissive left-hand turn from Shoreline Highway onto Tennessee Valley Road will soon be restored to reduce wait times and ease access and traffic flow at this busy traffic light.


In close collaboration with the City of Mill Valley, Marin County Department of Public Works has been working with Caltrans to explore options to help reduce traffic delays at key intersections throughout Southern Marin, including those at Tam Junction. Caltrans will soon be adding a permissive/protective phase to the signal at Shoreline Highway and Tennessee Valley Road to allow left-turns onto Tennessee Valley Road and enhance access for residents while maintaining flow on Route One/Shoreline Highway. Stay tuned for updates on this report.


We will continue to work hard for you with Caltrans and other agencies identifying and implementing congestion relief measures, where feasible and safe to do so.


Please stay in touch and feel welcome to write to me at ksears@marincounty.org. Share this information with friends and urge them to subscribe to my news and information by signing up. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.