Update from Kate: Invitation to Congressman Huffman's Muir Woods Stakeholder Forum, Tuesday, May 26 at 7 pm

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Supervisors Kate Sears and Steve Kinsey
Invite you to

Congressman Jared Huffman’s
Stakeholder Forum on Traffic
and Parking Solutions for Muir Woods

 Mill Valley Community Center
Tuesday, May 26th
7:00 p.m.

Marin County Supervisors Kate Sears and Steve Kinsey invite you to Congressman Jared Huffman’s (D-San Rafael) stakeholder forum for community members on short and long-term solutions to traffic and parking congestion related to Muir Woods visitation on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mill Valley Community Center. 

At the community forum, Congressman Huffman will report on the results of the ad hoc stakeholder process he convened in October of 2014, including a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the County of Marin and the National Park Service that incorporates recommendations from the ad hoc group.

For many a visit to Muir Woods is a dream come true,” offered Steve Kinsey.  “However, locally, high visitation levels have created a traffic nightmare that affects public safety and watershed health along Redwood Creek.  Working with the impacted community and the National Park Service, and assisted by Congressman Huffman and his staff, the County is on the verge of signing a binding agreement with the Park that will dramatically improve the situation very soon.”

“With thanks to Congressman Jared Huffman, this agreement, forged with the help of many community and agency stakeholders, lays solid groundwork for a Muir Woods reservation system that we anticipate will significantly reduce the traffic that so negatively impacts our lives at present,” said Supervisor Kate Sears. “Our shared goal is stewarding this treasured grove of ancient trees and Redwood Creek and restoring safety to our local communities.”

Kate Sears and Steve Kinsey invite you to participate in this meeting to learn of progress and to hear from you. The forum is open to all. Please feel free to share this invitation with others who may be interested in attending.

Please RSVP: Email Huffman.CAScheduling@mail.house.gov or call (415) 258-9657.