UPDATE on Health Order Enforcement, Free Cheer Camp for Youth, & Incident Report


Los Angeles County COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center


July 24, 2020


Los Angeles County Joint Information Center - COVID-19



The County of Los Angeles is regularly updating resources on COVID-19 and offers today's update in an effort to keep you and yours informed. Please share the following up-to-date information:

Compliance Plan for Health Orders is Unveiled

Compliance Plan

LA County's Department of Public Health (DPH) unveiled a compliance and enforcement plan yesterday to ensure infection control measures are in place in businesses across the County. The tiered plan will include citations and fines for businesses that continue to violate Health Officer Orders, and aims to ensure the health and economy of those who work and live in LA County are protected from the deadly virus.

The Plan

The plan will apply to businesses licensed and permitted by DPH, as well as those who are not. Businesses licensed and permitted by DPH can expect to see the following when visited by an inspector:

  • First Visit: In all inspections, DPH starts with education to ensure the business understands what is required and will assess the severity of any violations noted.
    • For businesses where DPH issues a permit or a license, (which runs the gamut from congregate shelters to all food facilities, spas, multiple family dwellings, tattoo and piercing shops, pet day care, and public and residential pools) in the first visit if inspectors note Health Officer Order violations, they will educate the business on the requirements, can fine the business $100, and can also issue a notice of intent to suspend permit and will return to the business within 3-7 days.

  • Second Visit: if a business is still non-compliant, we will issue a $500 fine and suspend the facility’s permit for 7 days.
  • Third Visit: if the business is still non-compliant on the third visit, we will issue another $500 fine, suspend the business' permit for 30 days, and notify them of the intent to revoke the permit. We may also refer the business’ non-compliance to the state, if it is warranted.

Businesses that are not permitted or licensed by DPH, which can include gyms, hair salons and other personal services, should expect:

  • First visit: where noncompliance is found, a $100 fine will be issued, as well as a referral to the appropriate regulatory agency, if applicable.
  • Second visit: a $500 fine will be issued, DPH will contact local law enforcement for the issuance of a misdemeanor citation, and we may refer the case to County Counsel for a potential Temporary Restraining Order.
  • Third visit: Another $500 fine will be issued along with an order to close, and we may refer the case to the District Attorney for the filing of misdemeanor charges.

LA County's DPH is working in partnership with the State of California to establish enforcement strategies using the state’s regulatory framework. This partnership will include:

  1. monitoring bars and other venues that serve alcohol (once they are able to open) in partnership with Alcoholic Beverage Control;
  2. monitoring hair, beauty and spa service providers in partnership with the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology; and
  3. working closely with Cal/OSHA to protect the health & well-being of workers.

LA County inspectors have been working seven days a week conducting unannounced site visits and responding to a high volume of complaints received by DPH (17,808 Health Officer Order complaints, since March). Most of the businesses under investigation either came into compliance or were working to come into compliance.

To date, 26 restaurants, 1 grocery store, 1 pool and 67 unregulated businesses (which includes 3 gyms) have been shut down due to Health Officer Order violations. LA County's goal is to make sure public health orders are being followed for the health and safety of all those who work and/or visit LA County businesses.

For more details, read the press release. Click here to access DPH Health Officer Orders and Reopening Protocols.

Free Virtual Cheer Camp with the LA Rams Cheerleaders!


LA County Parks has joined forces with the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders to kick off the first-ever Virtual Cheer Camp next Monday, July 27 at 10 a.m. (to join the live-stream celebration, click here to register).

The free Virtual Cheer Camp will run from July 27 through July 31. It will not only help celebrate the 25 year anniversary of LA County's Cheer Program, but will keep County youth active during the COVID-19 pandemic by teaching cheer basics and dance routines, while promoting positive self-esteem, teamwork and empowerment.

LA County co-ed youth between 4-18 years old can participate remotely via video conference from any computer or mobile device. All levels are welcomed.

Registration is free but required in order to participate in the live stream event. To sign up, you’ll create a free account on LA County Parks' online registration system. While the process is simple, we've prepared a tutorial for you to ensure the opportunity is not missed! To learn more or sign up for Virtual Cheer Camp, click here

After the initial kick-off, the remaining four days of Cheer Camp will have cheer programming available via LA County Parks From Home Virtual Recreation Center with pre-recorded videos from LA County Parks and Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders. We’ll offer suggested schedules for all levels: Minis, Juniors, and Teens. Feel free to go at your own pace. 

For questions, contact LA County Parks at info@parks.lacounty.gov or (626) 588-5364.

Great Plates Delivered Program Extended


Great Plates Delivered has been extended until August 9th. Through LA County's Great Plates Delivered Program, you can help a local senior or business in your community.

Great Plates Delivered offers eligible seniors with three (3) home-delivered meals a day. Seniors over 65, seniors 60-64 years of age who have been diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19 or those at high-risk for COVID-19 may qualify. When you help a senior connect to Great Plates Delivered you're also helping your local restaurant, hospitality and transportation community get back to work. 

To learn more or apply for meal assistance, click here.

Incident Report

Our daily report is a high-level summary of L.A. County Emergency Operations Center's response to the COVID-19 health emergency. Click here to view.

COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide & Toolkit

View our updated COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide, and get tips on Best Practices, Do's and Don'ts, Key Messaging, and our Social Media Toolkit - with multi-lingual graphics and messages like the ones seen below. 

Access our Social Media Toolkit here.


LA County has issued reopening protocols for personal care businesses to offer certain services outdoors. Learn more: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_PersonalCare.pdf

S ChineseLA 縣已發布了針對個人護理企業的重新開放協議,以在室外提供某些服務。 要了解更多: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_PersonalCare.pdf

KoreanLA 카운티는 개인 관리 사업체가 특정 서비스를 야외에서 제공 할 수 있도록 재개장 프로토콜을 발표했습니다. 더 알아보기: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_PersonalCare.pdf

SpanishEl Condado de Los Angeles ha emitido protocolos de reapertura para que los negocios de cuidado personal ofrezcan ciertos servicios al aire libre. Aprenda más: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_PersonalCare.pdf

Additional Resources

The County of Los Angeles appreciates your continued partnership in responding to COVID-19 questions and needs of residents. For additional information, please visit: