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Media Highlights

May 8, 2019

Check out the recent news coverage concerning the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

Online News


Sheriff plans to revive highway drug team that stopped Latino drivers on I-5

By Ben Poston & Maya Lau | May 8
L.A County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Tuesday that he will revive a drug team that was sharply criticized for disproportionately stopping Latino drivers on the 5 Freeway but said the unit would follow strict constitutional guidelines to prevent racial profiling... read more.


Sheriff’s oversight commission in listening mode at Carson town hall

By David Rosenfeld | May 4
Undocumented immigrants, mental health and treatment of inmates were among the subjects that caused tensions to flare in Carson this week during a town hall meeting of the L.A. County Civilian Oversight Commission... read more.


The California jail where women say guards and medics preyed on them

By Lauren Lee White | May 2
In 2011, Michele Infante was incarcerated for close to six months at the Century regional detention facility in Lynwood, California, a small city adjacent to Compton and Watts. The facility is L.A. County’s only jail designated for women and sprawls across an industrial zone in the shadow of the Imperial Highway... read more.

Beverly Press

Supervisors seek information about sheriff’s deputy cliques

By Beverly Press | May 2
The L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved a motion by Supervisors Kuehl and Solis that directs county offices to compile a chronological list of all claims and settlements related to sheriff’s deputy gangs and cliques... read more.


Support program for mentally ill inmates expands in L.A. County

By Jennifer Bihm | May 2
A county program aimed at mitigating the costs of incarceration and homelessness among the mentally challenged, will now be available in nine districts, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors announced last week... read more.


L.A. County leaders say 'violent, gang-like' deputy cliques are a huge liability

By Brian Frank | April 30
It's now no secret that secret cliques within the Sheriff's Department have been a major source of controversy over the years... read more.


L.A. County asks for tally of lawsuits related to deputy cliques

By City News Service | April 30
The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to calculate the total cost of allegations against members of sheriff's deputy cliques or gangs over the last three decades... read more.

Daily News

L.A. County Sheriff's want your feedback in Carson on Tuesday, April 30

By David Rosenfeld | April 26
Want to tell the L.A. County Sheriff's Department what you really think? Now is your chance. The county's Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission is coming to Carson to solicit community feedback at a public town hall meeting... read more.


Oversight Commission asks Inspector General to review deputy cliques

By City News Service | April 26
The watchdog panel that oversees the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department asked the county’s inspector general to conduct an inquiry into secret deputy cliques that have proliferated for years and been implicated in violence against jail inmates and harassment of fellow deputies... read more.


Rosemead man died while in custody of Sheriff's Department

By Jonah Valdez | April 26
A man who died in Rosemead on Thursday was at the time in the custody of L.A. County Sheriff's Department deputies, authorities said Friday... read more.


The Sheriff Villanueva saga has taken yet another bizarre and disturbing turn

By The Times Editorial Board | April 24
Maybe the phone call to L.A. County Counsel Mary Wickham the day before Easter, purporting to be from a L.A. County sheriff’s sergeant and threatening her with arrest for something to do with a grand jury subpoena supposedly issued in 2006, was just another phone scam... read more.


L.A. County’s 42 Contract Cities write letter to Sheriff Villanueva

By Celeste Fremon | April 24
The California Contract Cities Association, which represents the 42 cities that contract for law enforcement services with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, has sent Sheriff Alex Villanueva a letter expressing “unique concerns” about various news stories describing the sheriff’s recent actions... read more.


LA Sheriff watchdog: first amendment shouldn't shield deputy cliques

By Frank Stoltze | April 23
For years, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has struggled with what to do about secretive deputy cliques, some of which have turned violent against colleagues and the public... read more.

Daily News

L.A. County watchdog panel asks for review of secret deputy cliques

By City News Service | April 23
The watchdog panel that oversees the L.A. County Sheriff's Department asked the County's Inspector General Tuesday to conduct an inquiry into secret deputy cliques that have proliferated for years and been implicated in violence against jail inmates and harassment of fellow deputies... read more.


Inspector General issues scathing report on SCV Sheriff’s highway team

By Jim Holt | April 23
The county’s Office of Inspector General has reviewed a program meant to stem the flow of drugs into the Santa Clarita Valley and found Latino drivers were stopped at a much higher rate than drivers of other races — and recommended shutting down the program until strict guidelines are in place... read more.


April 23: Civilian Oversight Commission meeting

Press Release | April 22
The L.A. County Civilian Oversight Commission for the Sheriff’s Department will take possible action regarding secret deputy sub-groups and immigration policies at its next monthly public meeting on Tuesday, April 23... read more.



Sheriff comments on reports of deputy cliques

By Jeff Vaughn, KCAL | April 24
L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva responding to questions about whether secret deputy cliques still remain in the department... watch now.


Investigations into secret cliques within the Sheriff's Department

KTLA | April 24
Reports of secret clicks among some deputies within the Sheriff's Department are now under investigation. A watchdog panel that oversees the department voted to have the County's Inspector General launch an inquiry... watch now.


Sheriff directed staff to reconsider misconduct investigations, report says

By Eric Leonard, NBC | April 23
An L.A. County Sheriff's official said Sheriff Villanueva gave a verbal directive to senior commanders to reevaluate any open investigations into employee misconduct, and within months, dozens of incomplete cases had been shelved without resolution... watch now.



Supervisor Kuehl wants tally of claims and settlements paid by the county for the sheriff cliques
May 1


Sheriff Alex Villanueva welcomes any review of secret deputy cliques
April 25

Sheriff’s department is on track to increase number of new deputies being hired
April 25


LA Sheriff's oversight panel orders inquiry into secretive deputy cliques
By Frank Stoltze | April 24

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