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Media Highlights

March 28, 2019

Check out the recent news coverage concerning the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

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Video shows L.A. Deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan trying to break into woman’s home, leading to his firing

By Maya Lau | Mar. 27

The deputy crouched down in front of the woman’s sliding glass door, wedging a metal tool in its frame to pop it loose. He stopped after glancing up, startled to see the woman recording video of him from inside her apartment.

In another instance, the deputy is seen wielding a broomstick on the woman’s patio after using it to tap on her door... read more.


Man stopped by ICE uses 'know your rights' training, prevents immigrants' arrest

By Suzanne Gamboa & Jareen Imam | Mar. 27

A member of a group that urges immigrants to know their rights used some of that training to keep immigration officers from arresting two people who were in the car with him.

Bryan MacCormack, 30, executive director of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement in upstate New York, was captured on video refusing to open his car door March 5 to what an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer insisted was a “warrant of arrest of alien.” read more.


Mother of East L.A. man shot and killed by deputies sues Sheriff's Department

By Javier Panzar | Mar. 27

The mother of a 21-year-old man who was shot and killed by two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies in August has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the county and the deputies, according to court... read more.


Report: Many CA law enforcement agencies resisting sanctuary law

By Roxana Kopetman | Mar. 27

Some law enforcement agencies in California are directly violating the state's immigrant sanctuary law, and others are skirting the law by following out-of-date policies or exploiting loopholes, according to a new report... read more.


They demand Sheriff Villanueva fulfill promise of not cooperating with ICE

By Araceli Martinez Ortega | Mar. 27

Twenty organizations demanded that Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva fulfill his campaign promises not to transfer undocumented immigrants to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service... read more.


Detectives conducting interviews after 2nd death at democratic donor’s home

By Kristina Bravo & Megan Telles | Mar. 26

The second deadly drug overdose within two years at the West Hollywood home of a well-known political donor remained under investigation Tuesday. The death of 55-year-old Timothy Dean at Ed Buck's apartment on Jan. 7... read more.


Civilian watchdog group says Sheriff has 'turned back clock on reforms'

By Frank Stoltze | Mar. 22

The civilian commission that acts as a watchdog for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has accused Sheriff Alex Villanueva of having "turned back the clock on reforms."

In a sternly-worded March 18 letter, the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission said the sheriff's actions and statements, as well as those of his staff, have "eroded community trust" in the department... read more.


March 26: Oversight panel to focus on LASD secret subgroups, ICE policy, etc.

Media Release | Mar. 22

The Civilian Oversight Commission for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will host its monthly commission meeting in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 26, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m... read more.


Family sues L.A. County after son shot, killed by deputy in Pico Rivera

By City News Service | Mar. 21

Relatives of a man who was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies in Pico Rivera in 2018 after leading them on a chase are suing L.A. County, alleging the killing was unjustified.... read more.


Family sues Sheriff's Department after fatal shooting in Pico Rivera

By Hannah Fry | Mar. 21

The family of a 22-year-old man who was fatally shot by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies last year following a pursuit in Pico Rivera filed a lawsuit against the county this week, alleging that authorities used unreasonable and excessive force.

Carmelo Pizarro Jr.’s parents, his daughter and his daughter’s mother say that Pizarro was unarmed when deputies opened fire and killed him in front of his house in the early morning hours of July 19... read more.



Exclusive: Rehired LA sheriff's deputy attempts to break into woman's home

By Marc Brown | Mar. 27

Eyewitness News has obtained video shot by a woman who accused Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan of domestic violence.

Mandoyan is the deputy whose rehiring is at the center of a conflict between Sheriff Alex Villanueva and the county Board of Supervisors... watch now.


L.A. County Board questions L.A. Sheriff

Spectrum News 1 | Mar. 27

The board has been confused and upset over his rehiring of a deputy who has been accused of domestic abuse harassment and stalking... watch now.


Tough questions for the Sheriff

CBS2 | Mar. 27

Sheriff Villanueva faced tough questions from a Civilian Oversight committee yesterday. The Sheriff was grilled about two ongoing issues, the first the troubles going on in East L.A... watch now.


Sheriff grilled at Oversight Meeting

KCAL9 | Mar. 26

Tough question for L.A. County Sheriff Villanueva, he was grilled about two ongoing issues, first troubles in east L.A., a group of deputies reportedly formed when some say is a gang... watch now.


On the hot seat

ABC7 | Mar. 26

The Sheriffs Civilian Oversight Committee still has questions why Sheriff Alex Villanueva rehired deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan, who had been fired over allegations of domestic... watch now.


Sheriff Villanueva grilled by oversight committee

By Dave Lopez, CBS2 | Mar. 26

Less than six months after he was sworn in, LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was in the hot seat Tuesday. The Civilian Oversight Committee grilled him about ongoing issues.

It revolves around the hiring by the sheriff of a deputy who had been fired and there are also allegations that there are some deputies who are acting as “gang members..." watch more.


Public input is welcome

Fox 11 | Mar. 26

A public meeting, L.A. County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commissions is working to boost transparency and accountability within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department... watch now.


Fired LA County Deputy Claimed Accusations Were 'Domestic Vengeance'

NBC4 | Mar. 21
By Andrew Blankstein & Eric Leonard

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department concluded that a former deputy accused in a domestic violence complaint, "refused to accept responsibility for his conduct," and should be terminated.

"Society cannot countenance a law enforcement officer who lies," the Sheriff's internal affairs unit wrote in a 2017 memo about Caren "Carl" Mandoyan, who was recently reinstated by Sheriff Alex Villanueva... watch now.


Wrongful death lawsuit

ABC7 | Mar. 21

The family of a man shot and killed by sheriff's deputies after a pursuit is suing L.A. County and the deputies involved... watch now.


Police shooting records are now public in California — and cops are fighting it

VICE News | Mar. 19

Trisha Michael has spent three years trying to find out why her twin sister died.

Kisha Michael, 31, was sleeping in a car with a friend when Inglewood police showed up just after 3 a.m. on February 21, 2016. Authorities tried to wake the couple when an “unknown exchange” took place between the two and authorities, according to an autopsy... watch now.


LA County seeks to review legality of Sheriff Alex Villanueva's 'truth and reconciliation' commission

ABC7 By Leo Stallworth| Mar. 14

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva came under fire Tuesday from the County Board of Supervisors and faced tough questions about his controversial decision to rehire a colleague accused of domestic violence.

The Board is looking to review the legal authority of the sheriff's "truth and reconciliation" commission, which reviews disciplinary actions regarding deputy misconduct... watch now.



Promises to stamp out secret deputy cliques
By Margaret Carrero | Mar. 27

Sheriff Villanueva addresses concerns with the Truth and Reconciliation panel
By Margaret Carrero | Mar. 27

Relatives of man shot and killed by deputies in Pico Rivera are suing the county
Mar. 21


Sheriff Villanueva continues to raise eyebrows
By Frank Stoltze | Mar. 27

Sheriff Villanueva clashed Civilian Commission that oversees their department
Mar. 26

Sheriff Villanueva expected to face tough questioning at Commission meeting
Mar. 25


Fight between the sheriff and the Civilian Oversight Commission goes another round Mar. 27

Deputy cliques have occupied the attention of the Civilian Oversight Commission
Mar. 27

Battle between Sheriff Villanueva and Civilian Oversight Commission entered a new phase
Mar. 27

Commission Executive Director says presence of cliques often marked by tattoos undermines community trust
Mar. 26


Sheriff Villanueva met with Civilian Oversight Commission
By Benjamin Gottlieb | Mar. 27

Second man to die at political donor’s home
Mar. 26

Sheriff Villanueva on his mistakes, and violence at the county jail

By Madeleine Brand | Mar. 21

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