Media Highlights


Media Highlights

March 21, 2019

Check out the recent news coverage concerning the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission.

Video Feature: Building ties between law enforcement and people with mental illness


Members of the Sheriff Department's Mental Health Evaluation Team led a deputy training exercise in de-escalation techniques using virtual-reality scenarios. The multi-disciplinary teams integrate mental health experts to help smooth encounters with suspects... watch now.

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New battle looms over most volatile issue in policing: when should cops shoot?

By Frank Stoltze | Mar. 21

Nothing gets more scrutinized and yet less questioned in the world of law enforcement than an individual officer's decision to use deadly force. Cops rarely condemn a colleague's decision to kill or wound someone — when it could have just as easily been them deciding to act to save their own life or someone else's.

And local district attorneys almost never file criminal charges against an officer who pulls the trigger. DA's are guided by a legal standard that gives officers wide latitude when it comes to using deadly force... read more.


Veterans talking veterans back from the brink: A new approach to policing and lives in crisis

By Rob Kuznia, Washington Post | Mar. 20

The former Army soldier was slumped in the back seat of a sheriff’s department squad car when Shannon Teague and Tyrone “T-bone” Anderson arrived on the scene. A couple of hours earlier, high on meth, he’d been yelling “you will die” from the front porch of a transition house for homeless veterans... read more.


Speeding cannabis resentencing with digital technology

Mar. 20

Tens of thousands of L.A. County residents are eligible for reclassification or resentencing of minor cannabis convictions, but the lack of easy-to-use digital solutions has left far too many people in limbo, county officials said Tuesday.

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas recommended leveraging technology to reach more people whose lives have been hampered by prior convictions for now-legal acts... read more.


Leveraging technology to clear cannabis convictions

Mark Ridley-Thomas Media Release | Mar. 19

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion that called for taking advantage of innovative technology to accelerate the resentencing of minor cannabis convictions countywide... read more.


An off-duty officer fled DUI crash, then let his mom try to take the blame...

By Ben Poston and Maya Lau | Mar. 19

South Pasadena Police Cpl. Ryan Bernal realized he was in trouble. Dazed from a night of drinking, he was jolted awake when his pickup truck smashed into a pole that fell on the patio roof of an occupied house in Duarte, internal police... read more.


Supervisors push for swifter work clearing marijuana-related convictions

By Erika Martin | Mar. 19

In an attempt to help erase or reduce marijuana-related convictions for thousands with eligible criminal cases in L.A. County, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a measure on Tuesday that puts pressure on officials to address the backlog... read more.


LAist joins newsrooms across CA to shine light on long-secret police records

By Megan Garvey | Mar. 19

Until this year, California had some of the most secretive laws in the country when it came to police records. That has changed. A new state law, SB 1421 allows access to police records involving dishonesty, sexual assault and use of... read more.


Former Industry station captain named L.A. County Undersheriff

By City News Service | Mar. 19

A new second in command took over Monday at the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, as a department veteran who came out of retirement to help Sheriff Villanueva’s transition departed after just over three months... read more.


Private prisons are archaic and cruel. California needs to stop using them

OP-ED By Jackie Lacey | Mar. 19

As we contemplate ways to address the disproportionate number of people imprisoned in America, one potential impediment to change is the large corporations that profit from incarceration... read more.


L.A. County Sheriff abruptly removes second-in-command Ray Leyva

By Maya Lau | Mar. 18

A longtime L.A. County sheriff’s official who came back from retirement to serve as the Sheriff's second-in-command — and was seen as a steadying hand in a fledgling administration that has already grappled with controversies — is leaving.... read more.


L.A. Sheriff Villanueva abruptly fires second-in-command

By Celeste Fremon | Mar. 18

L.A. County Sheriff Villanueva has unexpectedly parted ways with his well-regarded undersheriff, Ray Leyva, who has been the second-in-command at the nation’s largest sheriff’s department since Villanueva selected his command... read more.


A 1963 Supreme Court decision transformed the U.S. justice system...

OP-ED | Mar. 18
By Ricardo Garcia, L.A. County Public Defender 

Each morning, I am reminded of a legacy as I walk past larger-than-life portraits of Clara Shortridge Foltz in the courthouse that bears her name in downtown Los Angeles... read more.


Man dies in deputy-involved shooting, standoff in Palmdale

Staff Report | Mar. 16

An hourslong standoff that started Saturday night in Palmdale resulted in a deputy-involved shooting and left one man dead Sunday morning, according to the L.A. Sheriff’s Department... read more.


Supervisors put the brakes on sheriff’s dismissal review panel

By Jim Holt | Mar. 15

County supervisors squared off with the county sheriff Tuesday, telling the county’s top cop to stop pursuing his Truth and Reconciliation panel.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion directing county lawyers to evaluate the legality of Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission... read more.



Changing police use of force laws in California

ABC7 | Jessica De Nova | Mar. 14

There are more than 23,000 guns owned by high risk individuals, and state agencies need more money and manpower to get those firearms off our streets. Law enforcement leaders using this opportunity to support the use of force bill... watch now.



Newsrooms collaborating on access to police records

Mar. 19


Resentencing for people impacted by cannabis-related convictions

Mar. 20


Sheriff Villanueva has dismissed his undersheriff

Mar. 19

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