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Community Link Newsletter

June 2, 2023 | Edition 124

Welcome to the Community Link Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter aims to keep residents and businesses connected to us and all that is going on in and throughout the City. You can connect with us and learn more about our community, cultural events and celebrations, and news of interest by reading this newsletter, visiting our website at, and following us on our social media channels listed at the bottom of this email. We look forward to connecting with you. 


Great Changes Taking Place at the Great Park

Great Park Development

Big changes are on their way to the Great Park after the City broke ground last week on the next phase of development as part of the Great Park Framework Plan.


Watch the video from the groundbreaking to witness this exciting new venture for the City and our community.

Great Park Logo

Keep up to date on the development by visiting the new website at Here you can learn more about the coming amenities and attractions at the park, which includes over 300 acres of innovative and unique public space such as lakes, gardens, live music, museums, wide open meadows, and space to honor those who served. 

Great Park Framework Plan

Grounded in history and driven by community, this next phase will bring an expanded array of recreational and cultural opportunities to Irvine and the region as a park for all.


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about Great Park development, please share your feedback here.

SB 1383

Organic Recycling Reduces Methane Emissions 

Irvine residents are now required to divert their food waste into their green composting bin. By doing so, we are not only complying with CA Senate Bill 1383, but we are helping to reduce California’s methane emissions.

If you live in a homeowners association (HOA) that has 2-cart waste service, please note that HOAs have until June 30 to notify the City of Irvine’s Environmental Programs division or Waste Management of their neighborhood program selection: communal food waste bin(s) in the neighborhood, or an organic cart for each household.


For more information, please visit


One Irvine

One Irvine Event Offers Home Improvement Resources

The City’s One Irvine Community Resource Fair is right around the corner. Join us Saturday, June 10, from noon to 2 p.m. at Heritage Community Park to learn about the expanded One Irvine program, which offers resources to homeowners looking to make improvements.


Meet vendors and connect with staff from City departments about available resources. The event will include resources, games/activities, prize giveaways, music, food, and more.


All ages are welcome to attend and celebrate with the community.


View the New Exhibitions at the Palm Court Arts Complex

Make a 180 on your weekend plans and head to the Great Park Palm Court Arts Complex for the opening reception of our new exhibitions, “New Normal: Skateboarding Now” and “Deck Design: A Survey of Skateboard Evolution” — celebrating Southern California skateboarding culture and history with curated photographs, collections, and immersive installations.


Both exhibitions open June 4 and will include a reception from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Great Park Palm Court Arts Complex.


All events are free, with no advanced registration required. Learn more at

Drowning Prevention

Practice your ABCs this Summer

Summertime means spending time by the water for many residents and visitors. Unfortunately, this can come at a cost. Last year, there were 48 fatal drownings in Orange County, alone. Losing one person to drowning is too many.


Drowning is preventable if safeguards are taken. Practice your ABCs of drowning prevention to avoid drowning incidents:

  • A is for Active Adult Supervision. Assign a water watcher who can keep their eyes on the water while avoiding distractions like a cell phone or book. 

  • B is for Barriers. Install multiple layers of protection from pool and spa areas, including but not limited to self-latching gates, 4-sided isolation fences, pool and spa covers, and alarms and indoor barriers to protect access from any room inside the house that has water access. 

  • C is for Classes. Take swimming lessons, learn CPR, and make sure you know how to use an AED. Learn and practice rescue techniques so you know how to help if a drowning incident should occur. 

Learn more on how you can protect against drowning at


This Week in DE&I  

There are many cultural and religious holidays celebrated and recognized throughout our community this month. Learn about some of the significant dates being observed in Irvine below and on our DE&I calendar.


Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 

The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, also known as the Snyder Act, was a law passed by the United States Congress on June 2, 1924. It granted citizenship to all Native Americans born in the United States. Prior to the passage of this act, Native Americans were not automatically considered U.S. citizens, despite being born within the country's borders.


The act effectively extended citizenship to approximately 125,000 Native Americans who were previously excluded from the rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship. It was an important step towards recognizing the equal status of Native Americans within the United States. 

Pride Month 

Pride Month

June is pride month, a time when the LGBTQIA+ community comes together to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. These riots were a series of spontaneous demonstrations by the LGBTQIA+ community against police raids and discrimination. They marked a significant turning point in the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights in the United States and are often considered the catalyst for the modern LGBTQIA+ rights movement.  


Pride Month serves as a reminder of the progress made in LGBTQIA+ rights and the ongoing struggle for equality. 


Watch the recap of the City's Pride in Irvine event, when the Progress Flag was raised at City Hall in honor of Harvey Milk Day and Pride Month. Learn more here. 



Upcoming Meetings & Events 

June 3 | 9 a.m.

Studio Arts Festival


June 4 | 10 a.m.

Super Pet Adoption & Fundraiser 



June 5 | 5:30 p.m.

Finance Commission

June 6 | 5:30 p.m. 
Transportation Commission


View the City Calendar 

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