184 New Cases Reported and Health Officer Order Modified

COVID-19 Update

Santa Barbara County is reporting 184 new cases of COVID-19 today, July 14. Confirmed case count is 4323 with 3921 individuals recovered. To prevent duplication, one previous case has been removed. More information at publichealthsbc.org/status-reports

Also today, in response to the State Public Health Officer Order on July 13, 2020, Santa Barbara County Health Officer, Dr. Henning Ansorg has issued a Health Officer Order mandating the closure of additional indoor business operations.  This guidance is effective at 5 p.m., July 14, 2020 and will continue until 5 p.m. on August 12, 2020 or until it is extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing.

As required by the Health Officer Order the following sectors must close indoor operations:

  • Gyms and Fitness centers;
  • Places of Worship;
  • Protests;
  • Offices for non-essential critical infrastructure;
  • Personal care services, such as nail salons, massage parlors, and tattoo parlors;
  • Hair salons and barbershops
  • Malls

Outdoor operations of the above listed sectors may continue, if outdoor operations are allowed by the licensing or permitting authority. Outdoor operations may be conducted in a tent, canopy or other sun shelter as long as the sides are not closed.

The full Health Officer Order can be found here.  For more information about COVID-19 and the response locally, please visit www.publichealthsbc.org or call the County Call Center at 1-833-688-5551.

PHD July 14