Goleta Valley Library's Reading Corner - February 2019

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Do you love to read?  I do too!  Sometimes I get frustrated because I have read everything that my favorite authors have written.  It can be hard to browse the entire fiction or non-fiction collection.  Because we know that we are not alone in feeling this frustration, Goleta Valley Library staff has prepared descriptive reading lists for adults, teens, and children who are looking for suggestions of great books to read.  You can find these on our website at www.goletavalleylibrary.org under “Staff Picks” for adults, “Great Reads for Teens” and “Great Books for Children."  There are also printed versions of these bibliographies at the Library.  Goleta owns all of the books on the lists.  I am certain that you will find some great new authors and books by using this tool.  We update it frequently.  Happy reading!

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B. Allison Gray
Goleta Valley Library Director

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