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July 2021  |  Volume 2, Issue 7

Grow Your Own Health!

Woman wearing a hat and watering a garden of fruits and vegetables

Click on above image for information on Garden Plots

The City of Fontana has added a new park to the already existing long list of park facilities in the City. Central City Park officially opened in May 2021 which includes a 0.75 acre community garden. Come explore the garden this month by participating in Fontana Walks!

Garden bed with soil and raspberry plant with label sign

Join Fontana Walks on a field trip, with taste test, to Central City Park Community Garden!

Healthy Fontana is excited to announce its return of in-person programming for the Fontana Walks program! On July 10th, participants will have an opportunity to get their steps in during a walk to the new Central City Park Community Garden utilizing the Pacific Electric Trail. The community garden is a 0.75 acre lot that serves as the perfect place to grow your own fruits and vegetables. 

The garden includes thirty (30) individual plots, two (2) of which are ADA accessible. Those interested in starting their own garden can contact the Cypress Neighborhood Center at (909) 349-6988 or visit the Garden Plots page for more information and to download an application to lease a plot:

Gardening for Your Health

Besides being a great outdoor activity, gardening reaps many benefits to one's health including exposure to vitamin D, decreased risk of diseases, increasing one's mood, and makes you sweat!

  • Participating in outdoor activities like gardening exposes the body to more vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in our body by increasing our levels of calcium, which in turns benefits our bones and immune system.
  • Ever wondered how to decrease your risk of dementia? Try gardening! Research of over 2,800 people aged 60 or older showed physical activity, in particular gardening, could reduce the incidence of dementia later on in life.
  • If you have felt stressed in the past few months, gardening could be your solution. Studies suggest that gardening can help combat stress
  • Getting aerobic activity in your day can be tough, but gardening can be a great way to do it without feeling like work. Gardening can involve pulling weeds, using tools, and twisting and bending as you plant. These activities can really break a sweat, not to mention work muscles and build strength and flexibility.
  • A community garden can be a great way to not only grow your own healthy food, but can bring the community together. The American Community Gardening Association recognizes "community gardening improves people's quality of life by providing a catalyst for neighborhood and community development, stimulating social interaction...creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education."

Healthy Fontana hopes to bring you a series of classes/workshops in the community garden to you soon so you can reap all of the rewards community gardening has to offer!

Source: AARP Website "5 Secret Health Benefits of Gardening"

ReThink Your Drink with Watermelon & Basil Water!

If you're into an herbal flavor, try this infused water recipe to hydrate this summer!

To Make:

Mix 1 cup cubed watermelon and 5 basil leaves with water in a 2-quart pitcher. Chill for at least 20 minutes and enjoy.

Recipe from: CalFresh Healthy Living website

cup of water and ice with watermelon chunks and basil leaves

Harvest of the Month: Basil

bowl full of basil

Healthy Fontana is growing an abundance of basil in the Community Garden! Great as a basis for pesto, basil also has medicinal uses for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. The herb can be used to treat an upset stomach, cough, and sore throat. 

Basil is a popular herb that originated in India and other tropical regions of Asia. So, it is no surprise this herb can often be found in Asian cuisine such as stir fried with a protein. 

Source: Harvest of the Month

Upcoming Events:

  • 7/1/21: Central City Park Community Garden open for lease!
  • 7/4/21: Independence Day
  • 7/5/21: City Administrative Offices Closed in observance of Independence Day Holiday
  • 7/10/21: IN-PERSON Fontana Walks Community Walk Event!*

* For more information and to register, visit