Nine people arrested during a protest which turned violent

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Fontana Police Department
Chief William Green
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Press Release

Nine people arrested during a protest which turned violent

On May 28th, 2020, The Fontana Police Department received information there would be a protest near the Lewis Library located in the 8400 block of Sierra Ave at about 6:00 pm.  The protest started out peacefully and consisted of about 40 to 50 subjects.  As the number of subjects swelled to about 100, the protesters began to block traffic on the major thoroughfare of Sierra Ave.  The protesters then began to damage property by throwing rocks at business windows as well as at passing vehicles.  The group continued to move north and south on Sierra Avenue while blocking traffic and throwing rocks at businesses and passing vehicles.

At about 9:00 pm, numerous announcements were made from a police vehicle PA system, as well as a police helicopter PA system, that due to the actions noted above, the group of subjects were now considered an unlawful assembly.  The subjects were ordered to disperse, but some members of the group instead chose to continue to block traffic on Upland Avenue and Sierra Avenue while throwing rocks at Officers.  The Fontana Police Department was forced to ask local agencies for mutual aid and several agencies arrived to assist.  In the end it took officers over an hour to disperse the crowd and nine subjects were arrested for various charges related to the incident.  Some of the group damaged property throughout the area, including breaking windows at the Fontana City Hall building.


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