Special Events Employee Helping to Create Lifelong Memories for Fontana Families

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Fontana California


August 6, 2019

Special Events Employee Helping to Create Lifelong Memories for Fontana Families

Bianca Morales

Fontana, Calif.-  From the Fontana Days Run to the Festival of Winter, the City of Fontana's special citywide events bring thousands of residents together for a time of family fun. These events are successful due to the talented and passionate team behind the scenes, and leading that team is Bianca Morales. As the Special Events Coordinator for the past 11 years, Bianca is responsible for organizing events including the Summer Concerts Series, 4th of July Celebration, along with all special event applications and co-sponsorships. 

Bianca applied to the event-planning position with the Community Services Department after a friend informed her that the City of Fontana was hiring. That as they say was a match made in heaven. Ever since joining the team, Bianca has loved the ability to always be creative to provide the community with memorable events.

“I can definitely say that one thing that really makes me proud is sharing my passion for special events with my staff and watching them grow to love it just as much,” she shares. 

Bianca’s typical workday can vary depending on the time of year. Oftentimes she is working at her desk; going through contracts, invoices or logistics requests. However, Bianca is always up to the task of a special event set up and enjoys “being able to watch the magic come to life.” 

"What she does to put on all the events in the city is unbelievable," states a coworker. "Bianca makes sure that all these events go on without any problems and deals with the public and their concerns." 

Most coworkers would be surprised to know that she was studying film production at Cal State University Los Angeles prior to her working in recreation. The best advice that she has gotten is that “you never know unless you try and ask.” 

As a leader in her department, she is always open to offering advice to new employees that join the Fontana team. Bianca says, “Learn the ways of our City, but don’t be afraid to offer critique.”  

Outside of work, Bianca enjoys spending time with her two daughters who manage to always keep her on her toes. You can also find her at the beach, shopping at her favorite store, or spending time with her family. Bianca is looking forward to this month in which she will be celebrating her seventh wedding anniversary.   

Bianca loves working for the City of Fontana, but her ultimate goal in her life would be to run her very own special events company. 

Please join us in congratulating Bianca Morales as the City of Fontana's Employee Spotlight recipient for the month of August. 

For more information about the Special Events Department, please visit the Community Services event page.