Employee Spotlight: Building and Safety Employee Exemplifies the Spirit of Exceptional Customer Service

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Fontana California


July 2, 2019

Building and Safety Employee Exemplifies the Spirit of Exceptional Customer Service

Stacy Gonzales

July Employee Spotlight Stacy Gonzalez

Fontana, Calif.-  It is your lucky day if you are assisted by City of Fontana Development Services Permit Aide Stacy Gonzalez at the front counter. Her warm nature and can-do attitude is a breath of fresh air for anyone in her presence. Stacy believes every problem has a solution and is eager to help Fontana residents and business owners navigate the Building and Safety Division. 

"I really enjoy the interaction I get to have with my fellow residents. As a resident of Fontana, I find myself empathizing often with my customers and I feel that truly helps strengthen my connection with them and helps me understand their needs and wants. When I’m able to fulfill their request or answer their questions and concerns, it makes me feel like I’ve truly found my purpose in life, and that’s to help people any way I can," explains Stacy.  

Stacy's duties include assisting the public with information regarding residential, commercial and industrial buildings on the phone and in person at the front counter. She creates and issues permits, answer phones, schedules inspections, and provides general information about building codes and construction. Her duties include a variety of related functions such as bringing awareness to the importance of building and safety through community outreach efforts such as career days and also providing bilingual translation in Spanish when needed. She handles all of the job responsibilities with grace. 

Most coworkers would be surprised to know that Spanish was her first language, which she lost after learning English. Stacy worked really hard to relearn her native language over the years, considering she grew up in a predominately Spanish-speaking household. 

This past May, the City of Fontana celebrated Building and Safety Month. Stacy took the initiative to lead and organize the activities for the celebration all the while continuing her responsibilities and assisting those at the busy counter. Events included career days at local schools, overseeing a Fire Simulator with San Bernardino County Fire Department, and an open house to answer resident's home improvement questions. "My most favorite and proudest accomplishment has been volunteering for career day at schools such as Southridge Middle School and South Tamarind Elementary School, to talk to the youth about the importance of Building and Safety," states Stacy. 

Her coworkers share, "Stacy is a valuable team player who leads by example and always has a smile on her face, which makes coming to work enjoyable." 

Stacy will celebrate seven years with the City of Fontana this October. She began working part-time in the Community Services Department in 2012 and became a full-time employee with the Community Development Department in 2015. "I had always wanted to work for the City of Fontana because of all the great things I had heard; things such as opportunities to grow, benefits, and an overall great reputation for how they treated their staff and residents. Now, I hope to someday become a coordinator or supervisor so that I can mentor my employees the way I was fortunate enough to experience and still experience today."

Outside of work, Stacy enjoys traveling, spending time with her family which includes her two cats Luna and Oliver, watching the latest movies and exploring new eateries with her boyfriend. 

July is a special month for Stacy because on July 11th, 2016, she lost her grandfather whom she was extremely close to. She wants to share her spotlight with him, because he was someone truly extraordinary who exemplified hard work and dedication. "Lastly, I want to thank my parents for taking a risk and entering this country to give their children a better life, and to my dad, who showed me hard work always pays off," states Stacy. 

Please join us in congratulating Stacy Gonzalez for being a ray of sunshine in the workplace, who takes pride in helping the public get the information they need. 

For more information about the Building and Safety Division, apply for a permit or schedule an inspection, please visit the Building and Safety web page.