Police Department Employee Spreads Cheer - Employee Spotlight May 2019

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Fontana California


May 7, 2019

Police Department Employee Spreading Cheer through Community Outreach Programs

Olga Hernandez

Fontana, Calif.- If you have ever taken a tour of the Fontana Police Department, had the opportunity to attend the Citizen Academy or participated in the Heroes and Helpers Program, Community Policing Technician Olga Hernandez is the friendly face behind many of the police department's community outreach efforts. 

Olga has held several positions with the City of Fontana Police Department during her 15-year tenure. She started as a Records Clerk in 2005 and then moved to Traffic Clerk and Special Operations Secretary before landing the Community Policing Technician role primarily focusing on community outreach programs. 

"I stay because I enjoy what I do," shares Olga. "I feel it’s an honor to represent the police department in my capacity. The staff is great to work with and very supportive."

As the mover and shaker behind planning community events for children, seniors and those having financial difficulties, Olga finds the greatest joy in interacting with Fontana residents on behalf of the police department. She oversees programs such as the Red Ribbon Breakfast, the annual Bicycle Giveaway, Heroes and Helpers, Shop with a Senior, Loving our Veterans, and assists with Healthy Fontana's Let's Move on the Trail event. She acknowledges that most people only have contact with a police officer when they are having a bad day, and her work allows the community to understand that law enforcement deeply cares about the people that they serve.  

"I enjoy being able to give happiness to the children and the adults I come in contact with," states Olga. "To show them that the staff I work with cares, are normal people that have families, hopes and dreams like everyone else, and are just very good-hearted people, doing a difficult job."

A typical day for Olga on the Community Outreach, Public Engagement (COPE) Unit includes planning the next event, contributing to the department's social media accounts, and answering phone calls and emails. She always makes herself available to offer assistance. In fact, her greatest piece of advice to others is to always be willing to help and say thank you to those that help you. She receives plenty of appreciation when she is out in the community. 

"People I’ve met in the past come up and hug me, so I know I’ve made a positive impression," shares Olga. "I’ve made some wonderful connections with our business partners in Fontana and I have a straight connection to Santa Claus. Who can leave that?"

Having a connection to Santa Claus is definitely a perk that comes along with her job, but it doesn't hurt that Olga is a lifelong member of Santa's "nice" list. Just ask her coworkers who nominated her for the Employee Spotlight recognition.

According to Olga's coworkers, Olga demonstrates strong organizational skills that show in the quality of her work. "I am so proud to know her and work with her," states a coworker. "She is an inspiration to us all. It is obvious she really puts all her heart into her work, but always has time to talk or make us smile." 

Olga has been married for 31 years and in her free time likes to handle special projects such as party planning. She is looking forward to retiring in a few years, traveling with her husband and having grandchildren that she can spoil one day. 

Please join us in congratulating Olga Hernandez for giving her all to provide Fontana with valuable outreach programs that make a difference for our community members. 

For more information about the City of Fontana Police Departments Programs and Services, please visit fontana.org.