City Employee Works to Protect and Conserve the Environment

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Fontana California


July 3, 2018

City Employee Works to Protect and Conserve the Environment

Tanya Honeycutt

Fontana, Calif.-  All drains lead to the ocean. This is what motivates City of Fontana Senior Environmental Control Tech Tanya Honeycutt to make a difference in the environment. The outdoors and environmental conservation enthusiast is passionate about protecting the environment inside and outside of work. 

As an Environmental Control Tech since 2013, Tanya spends her day making sure the city's businesses and residents are complying with Federal, State and Local regulatory requirements in order to prevent water pollution. "In the end, if materials are properly disposed of and no longer pose a threat to the environment or people, then I've accomplished something important," states Tanya. 

She inspects businesses to ensure waste is not spilled or washed into the storm drains. The water from storm drains is untreated and goes directly to our waterways, primarily the Santa Ana River. Tanya also issues wastewater discharge permits to control the discharge of pollutants into the sanitary sewer. The permits control items that can potentially cause harm to sewer pipes or issues in the treatment process at the sewer treatment plant. 

Tanya assists with the City of Fontana's environmental programs such as the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility, the street sweeping program and the Curbside Used Oil and Recycling Program. If you have used cooking oil, old electronics, fluorescent light bulbs, paint or other hazardous waste items, she encourages the public to properly dispose of them at the Household Hazardous Waste facility located at 16454 Orange Way. Tanya enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for protecting the planet with community members.

When it comes to getting the message out, Tanya knows that every person can make a difference in helping our environment even if she "may only reach one person to educate them to recycle their oil, batteries or medication instead of disposing them in the trash."

Prior to joining the City of Fontana, Tanya spent 14 years in the Environmental field doing trail work and resource conservation projects with youth development organizations. "It was during that time that my appreciation for the environment developed and I knew that I would dedicate the rest of my career to environmental causes," reminisces Tanya. 

Outside of work, Tanya can be found spending as much of her free time as possible in the desert or mountains. "My newfound hobby is tracking animals and learning about their habits and instincts. It’s easiest in the desert. We once spent three days tracking a badger in the Afton Canyon area of Mojave Desert. We set up motion-activated cameras to 'capture' our efforts."

Tanya was selected as July's Employee Spotlight recipient based on nominations from her coworkers. She's described as admired, trusted and respected for making a difference and creating a positive work environment.  

For Tanya, it's all about finding your passion and living with purpose. " Incorporate [passion] into your work and play," shares Tanya. "I've done it and I don't have any regrets." 

For more information about the City of Fontana's Environmental programs, visit or call (909) 350-6760.