Animal Service Officer Provides a Voice to the Voiceless

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Fontana California


April 4, 2018

Rescuing Animals is a Passion for City of Fontana Animal Services Officer

Jennie Fisher
Jennie Fisher and Olive

Fontana, Calif.-  Fontana, Calif.-  From rescuing puppies to shutting down illegal cockfights, City of Fontana Animal Services Officer Jennie Fisher has been helping residents and animals in the community during her time with the Fontana Police Department. If you have called to report an animal-related incident in Fontana since 2010, there's a good chance Jennie has responded to your call. 

"I respond to a variety of calls, such as injured and vicious animals, animal cruelty, neglect complaints and barking/animal noise disturbances. I have captured potbelly pigs, horses, goats and dogs, of course," states Animal Services Officer Jennie Fisher. She even handles the occasional calls for ferrets, snakes, opossums, skunks and bats.

Every day is different for this Animal Services Officer (ASO). One day she’s transporting an injured dog or cat to the vet, and the next, she’s recovering deceased animals from the roadway. The City of Fontana Animal Services Team is responsible for ensuring that residents abide by federal, state and local laws pertaining to the ownership of animals.

Whatever the day may hold for Jennie, her commitment to the public and their animals is evident: "I truly believe I have found my passion – helping people and animals of the community I serve. I believe animal services and humane officers are truly 'a voice for the voiceless.'"

She is not only a valuable asset to the Animal Services Team, but to the community as well. "ASO Fisher genuinely cares for our community and dedicates herself to saving the lives of our Fontana animals. Whether she is on duty or standing by while on-call, she is known to go the extra mile to save an animal's life. Jennie Fisher truly makes a difference in our community and is an inspiration,” attests a coworker. 

Throughout her years of service, Jennie has built relationships with various rescue organizations. She often reaches out to rescues and will foster animals as they await their fur-ever homes. "I have been very fortunate to stay in touch with some of the adopters of the pets that I have fostered and it's moving how far they've come from being near-death to being in their forever home," says Jennie.

Jennie’s favorite part of the job includes reuniting lost pets with their families. She utilizes these moments to emphasize the importance of microchipping pets. "When I respond to calls, I take the time educate and advise owners not only on the laws, but on responsible pet ownership. I am a pet owner myself and it’s a good time to share with others what has worked for me or give advice based on my experience from prior calls I have handled.”

Her most recent high-profile animal cruelty case involves a kitten named Olive. Jennie was with the kitten during every step of the recovery process. When the story caught the attention of Beth Stern (wife of radio personality Howard Stern), Mrs. Stern flew from New York to California and took Olive home to foster.

When Jennie is not at work or fostering pets at home, she enjoys spending time with her husband and going on motorcycle rides. She also enjoys the beach, hiking and wine tasting. 

Jennie has been nominated as the City of Fontana Employee Spotlight for April based on nominations from her coworkers. 

Jennie strongly advocates for spay and neuter. The City of Fontana will be hosting a Low Cost Pet Vaccine on Saturday, April 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Fontana City Hall parking lot. The $15 fee includes a microchip, rabies and 4-1 vaccines. Cash or check only, and no appointments are needed. You may have the opportunity to meet Jennie who enjoys attending the clinics and getting to know pet owners and their pets. 

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