Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to Serve - Officer Rich Guerrero

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Fontana California


November 6, 2017

Called to Serve: Officer Rich Guerrero Always on Duty for his Community

Rich Guerrero

Fontana, Calif.- Never underestimate the power of a single conversation. Over 20 years ago, Fontana Police Officer Rich Guerrero was going to join the Rialto Police Department as an Explorer, but a conversation with now-retired Fontana Police Lieutenant William Megenney changed the course of his journey. "He told me the great things Fontana PD was doing at the time and after a few minutes I was hooked," recalls Officer Rich Guerrero. "I'll forever cherish that conversation." That conversation set him on the path to an amazing career with the Fontana Police Department where he proudly serves his community outside of work by volunteering for various noble causes such as serving meals at the Ronald McDonald House, helping veterans and assisting seniors.  

Although every day brings forth different challenges, Officer Richard Guerrero starts his morning off with a routine. "I arrive at work, load up my patrol car with the gear I may need, put on my uniform, shine my badge and boots. I look at the photos of my wife and children displayed in my locker. I say a silent prayer that all of our team members make it home safely, and in the same physical and mental condition we arrived in." After a patrol briefing, it's time to hit the streets. 

Officer Guerrero checks to see what calls for service are pending then handles them in order of priority. While conducting patrols until the end of his shift, he remains on high alert. "Our profession tests our mental and physical toughness daily, and it’s tested at a moment’s notice. We are constantly juggling the calls for service, typing reports and suspicious activity seen during proactive patrols." When his shift ends, he reports back to his supervisor, checks in his equipment and unloads the patrol car. 

However, Officer Guerrero's "typical" day has varied over the 20 years he has worked for the Fontana Police Department. Since becoming a sworn officer in 1997, Guerrero has served as a Tactical Flight Officer, Bicycle Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Instructor and Explorer Advisor. He discovered early on that "the members of the Fontana Police Department were committed to public safety and the well-being of its employees." Prior to 1997, he was a Reserve Fontana Police Officer in 1996 and a Fontana Police Explorer between 1991 and 1996. "The City of Fontana is where my heart is. I believe FPD is the greatest law enforcement agency around and its employees are top notch, caring people."

With great responsibility, comes great sacrifice. Guerrero told himself early on that "if I saved one life during my career, the personal sacrifices this profession required would be worth it." Those sacrifices were worth it as Guerrero has received two Life Saving awards during his career. Police officers and dispatchers assist countless individuals during emergencies, so it will never be known exactly how many lives Officer Guerrero and his PD family have saved over the years. 

If you haven't seen Officer Guerrero patrolling the streets of Fontana, maybe you have seen him dancing around in public. "I like to embarrass my wife and family in public places. If a song comes on I like I may belt out a song or start dancing for all to 'enjoy.' None of which sounds or looks good, but it’s darn funny." 

From serving meals at the Ronald McDonald house to barbecuing for numerous events, Guerrero volunteers much of his time around the community. In his free time, he can also be found fishing, shooting, leatherworking, watching movies, camping and boating. 

Rich brings passion and professionalism to the badge. He continues to pay it forward by always taking time to talk to young men and women interested in a career in law enforcement, because he understands the life-changing impact a single conversation can have. 

The Fontana Police Department continually seeks qualified individuals to join the team. Sworn personnel depend on many positions including Dispatchers, Community Service Officers, Code Enforcement, Animal Services, Explorers and Cadets to name a few. Each of these positions play a vital role in the safety of the City of Fontana and providing quality service to the community. Guerrero advises all new law enforcement employees to "take care of yourself, our team, family and the community we serve." 

Rich has been selected as the City of Fontana Employee Spotlight for the month of November based on nominations from his peers. For more information about joining the Fontana Police Department, please visit www.fontanapolicecareers.com or call (909) 350-7711.