Fontana Native Guiding Growth and Development in the City

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Fontana California


June 5, 2017

Fontana Native Guiding Growth and Development in the City

Dawn Rowe
Dawn Rowe- Employee Spotlight

Fontana, Calif.- Dawn Rowe is an Associate Planner at the City of Fontana. With 28 years on the job she has contributed to the development and growth in the city while maintaining high standards to ensure future generations are proud to call Fontana home. If there is development taking place in the City of Fontana, Dawn is involved behind the scenes.

The Fontana native started working in the City Clerk’s office when she was in high school as part of an after school program. Upon graduating from Fontana High School, she held a part-time summer job with Human Resources before going on to full-time employment. She has worked her way up throughout the city serving in a variety of capacities such as a Records Clerk and Community Policing Technician with the Fontana Police Department and currently with the Development Services Department where she is the Project Manager for the General Plan Update.     

The City of Fontana is in the process of updating its state-required General Plan to guide the future development of the city. The document provides a specific plan for Downtown Fontana and also updates the zoning codes to reflect the communities’ vision for growth in the next 20 years. Staff is putting the finishing touches on the plan that will be presented to the public later this year. Dawn has managed the development of the plan by including feedback collected at public workshops, open houses, surveys, community forums and online discussions. “It is still an amazing honor that I grew up in this community and have the opportunity to contribute to its positive growth, “stated City of Fontana Associate Planner Dawn Rowe. “This is what makes this job very rewarding to me.”  

Dawn’s duties are broad and far reaching. There’s no such thing as a “typical day” when she walks into her office. “There is always something to keep you busy; always deadlines to meet,” added Dawn. Her responsibilities include reviewing development projects and  serving as a liaison for the Planning Division in meetings with developers, architects, engineers, consultants, outside agencies and the general public regarding city development policies and standards. She believes in treating everyone equally, whether they are a million dollar investment broker, or a small business owner trying to establish themselves. “Long after you are gone people will remember your character. This is the positive legacy you want to leave with others wherever the journey takes you.”

Dawn loves the pace of her job as an Associate Planner. She appreciates learning from the challenges that arise on a daily basis. “The best piece of advice that I ever received is something that keeps me focused on doing my best for the residents of Fontana,” shared Dawn. “Work at your job as if you owned the company. Make a personal investment in everything you do every day.”

But it’s not all work for Dawn Rowe. The mother of two grown children enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. She has discovered that yoga is a great outlet for relaxation. To connect with her creative side, Dawn also writes poetry and stories for children’s book. It’s a hobby she plans to focus on when she retires.

Dawn has been selected as the City of Fontana Employee Spotlight for the month of June based on nominations from her peers. “The City of Fontana has provided me with such an amazing opportunity to grow as an employee on both a personal and professional level,” stated Dawn. “I appreciate that the city invests in promoting and encouraging their employees to develop their skills.”

Dawn plans to continue working behind the scenes assisting with the growth and development taking place in the City of Fontana.

If you would like more information on the City of Fontana General Plan Update contact Dawn Rowe at (909) 350-6694.