D3 Newsletter- All things Highway 50 in D3 - 9/1/22

September 1, 2022                                Special Edition:  TRANSPORTATION D3



Trip To Green


Reminder...this Labor Day weekend is the second installment of TRIP TO GREEN where the lights on Highway 50 in Placerville will be green from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  This will enable both eastbound and westbound traffic to flow freely so that, hopefully, gridlock does not impact our side streets, neighborhoods and business districts.

To ensure safe travel, northbound and southbound movements across US 50 at Canal Street, Spring Street (SR/Highway49), and Bedford Avenue will be closed to public traffic, allowing emergency vehicle access only. Right-in and right-out access will remain available at Spring Street, Center Street, and Bedford Avenue. Detours will be available and information is provided above for local traffic wishing to travel outside of US 50.

There will be one more test on October 1 and 2 during the height of Harvest Season to see if this is a workable solution to the annual congestion that stifles the residents of the City of Placerville.  Thank you for your patience during this pilot project, and I know we all will be looking forward to seeing what the findings will be.  Stay tuned. 

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Apple Hill Exits and the Camino Safety Project


This weekend marks the official opening of Apple Hill!  While the Camino Safety Project is still under construction, it is important to know that all lanes of Hwy. 50 will be open this Labor Day weekend Friday at 6:00 am to Tuesday at 6:00 pm.  There will be NO construction during this holiday weekend.

Additionally, Camino Heights will be fully open but the roundabout will be closed at the School Driveway and Carson Drive.

Messages  for Apple Hill will be put on permanent CMS boards starting Friday through Monday- 7:00 am to 6:00 pm directing travelers to Exits 49 (Point View Drive) and 54 (Cedar Grove).


Wishing our farms and wineries a successful opening weekend!


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