D3 Newsletter: Navigation Center

August 24, 2022                       Special Edition:  NAVIGATION CENTER UPDATE



What's Next?

Yesterday was a hard day at the Board of Supervisors.

The decision to move forward with a Navigation Center/Emergency Shelter at Perk's Court was before us, as well as a closed session item to consider pausing  to explore negotiations for a Nav Center at Pierroz Road.  As the District 3 Supervisor who also represents the City of Placerville, I could not in good conscience support pivoting to explore Pierroz Road since the City was staunch in their opposition to that location.  I so appreciate everyone showing up to yesterday's meeting, and for the thoughtful dialog and debate.  At the end of the day, the Board could not come to terms with the 4/5's vote that was needed to approve the Navigation Center at Perk's Court, and as we reported, the Pierroz Road location also failed with a 3/2 vote.  This means that both Perk's Court and Pierroz Road are off the table.

While yesterday was a setback and an extreme disappointment to me and to so many who continue to labor to serve our unhoused residents, I am fully mindful that the Board of Supervisors operates as a body of five...that we make decisions as a body of five, and that good governance demands that we respect each other's different perspectives, thoughts, and verdicts.  I stand by that.

We now turn our attention to what is next.  What are the new opportunities before us?  What options have we not considered?  So while I am disappointed, I also remain hopeful.  I truly believe that the Principle of Good shows us that when a door suddenly closes, we have to trust that wasn't our right door, no matter how good it might have seemed.  We also have to trust that another door is present and that the right idea is making itself known.   

Life is not lived in a rear-view mirror.  We move forward by looking forward, and our job is to silence any attitude, fear or discouragement that would hold us back or keep us from being receptive to a new idea or direction.

With immense gratitude for the faith-community, the non-profits, and all people, agencies and entities that continue to bear the burden of this challenge.  There will be an answer.  And so we move forward...


What's meant to be will always find a way.



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