D3 Newsletter July 22, 2022

July 22, 2022                                                                                      

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Update on FAIR Plan Hearing


As mentioned in my last newsletter, I was invited by the office of State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara to testify at the Investigatory Hearing of the California Fair Plan in Oakland on July 13.  I was asked to share my experience as well as identify issues and necessary changes to ensure that California residents and commercial properties are properly protected.  This is such a critical issue!

I am always eager to raise the voice of rural California!  We need to continue to be at the table so our needs are considered and addressed, and I will stay engaged in this critical issue.

Link to Hearing Comments by Supervisor Thomas

Community Meeting on Dorado Oaks


On Thursday, July 21, the Diamond Springs/El Dorado Community Advisory Committee hosted a community meeting to gain an update on the proposed Dorado Oaks Development while giving the community the chance to dialog with the developer and the project team about their concerns.

A big thank you to County Staff who gave updates on the Diamond Springs Parkway and the development process ahead as well as everyone in the community for engaging on this issue.  So many insightful comments were shared and I walked away with pages of notes!  

I'm very proud of the fact that District 3 has an official Community Advisory Committee which gives the community another opportunity to weigh in on the development process before it goes to the Planning Commission and the BOS.  I have attached the Committee's official response to the Draft EIR on Dorado Oaks that was submitted to staff last fall.  I think you will find their comments thoughtful, insightful and a strong reflection of the community's concerns, which is exactly why District 3 has this Advisory Committee to dialog with the community and make their recommendations for the Planning Commission and the BOS to consider.  

Thank you again to those who attended, and we will certainly keep you informed of any updates in the future!

Link to DS/ED CAC Comment Letter on EIR

Senior Discounts for Mobile Home Residents

Thank you El Dorado Disposal!


It was brought to my attention from a local mobile home park owner that El Dorado Disposal offers a 10% Senior Discount but their definition of a "senior" meant that folks in a 55+ community wouldn't be able to take advantage of that discount. (In mobile home parks, disposal bills are not broken out individually making this problematic.)

My office reached out to Jeff England of El Dorado Disposal and he was able to officially lower the definition of "senior" to 55+ in order to expand the range of folks who are qualify for this discounted rate!  The eligible mobile home parks have been notified, and we are extremely grateful to El Dorado Disposal for being so responsive to this need!  Yet another reason I love this caring community!

Ag Grant Opportunity


This notice comes from El Dorado County's Air Quality Management District...

There is $8.5M in grant funding for agricultural equipment in the 17 smaller air districts in the state!  If you wish to apply, the application period will be August 1 - August 31, 2022.  Click here for more information.

Marshall Medical Center Named "Best Hospital"


Digital platform Money in partnership with national healthcare watchdog organization The Leapfrog Group, has named Marshall Medical Center one of 148 best hospitals in the country for patient safety and quality care.

This means that Marshall Hospital is in the top 2% of the more than 6,000 hospitals in the United States (and only one of ten in California) that consistently delivers the safest, highest-value care for patients and excellence in hospital experience.

I am enormously proud to have an award-winning, independent hospital and medical center in the heart of our community, and I commend Marshall Medical Center for their consistent standard of excellence that continues to be recognized year after year!

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BOS Agenda 7/26...

Navigation Center


At 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 26, the BOS will hear an update on plans to develop a temporary Navigation Center at Perks Court. 

Staff's recommendation is for the Board to approve an agreement with G&G Builders to support permitting, excavation, construction, and subcontracting activities required for the development of the
congregate Navigation Center.  Additionally, the BOS will explore funding options to cover a shortfall, including requesting a contribution of ARPA funding from the City of Placerville. 

Please see the 7/26 agenda for all the details.

Link to Agenda 


Meeting July 28th

DS Community Park: 6-8 p.m.


Join us at CHARLES BROWN SCHOOL at 6 p.m. for the second Community Engagement meeting for the Diamond Springs Community Park! 

At this meeting, the consultants will share the environmental constraints as well as 5 different proposals in terms of park layouts and options.

We definitely need your insights and thoughts on which proposals would best meet the needs of our community.

I look forward to seeing you there!


BOS Agenda 7/26

Ranch Marketing

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There is a lot of interest in the update to the Ranch Marketing Ordinance, so I wanted to clarify what our actions will be on Tuesday.

The BOS has to adopt a Resolution of Intention in order to proceed with the process of updating the Ranch Marketing Ordinance.  This agenda item is NOT to bring forward the recommended changes on Tuesday!  This is just a necessary administrative step before staff can bring back the proposed amendments for public review. 

(I'm looking forward to seeing those too, so stay tuned!)


Your Input Wanted


The USDA Forest Service is seeking public comments on the proposed Eldorado National Forest Roadside Hazard Tree Mitigation Project. This project involves felling and removal of hazard trees for public health and safety within 200 feet of roads in the Placerville, Georgetown, Amador, and Pacific Ranger Districts. Project implementation may start as early as the spring of 2023.

"Public comments are an important part of the planning process," said Forest Supervisor Jeff Marsolais. "We want to be sure we understand how hazard trees could affect different parts of the road system in ways we may not be aware of. " 

Click here for instructions and additional information



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