D3 Special Edition: 2022 COUNTY FAIR

June 13, 2022                                                Special Edition:  2022 COUNTY FAIR



Thursday, 6/16 - Sunday, 6-19

After two years of not having the biggest event in our County, our El Dorado County Fair is back this week! As all of you know, our lives the last two years have been complicated to say the least. In 2020, the Fair Association had to cancel the Fair due to COVID. In 2021, they had scheduled a smaller version in September and then the biggest catastrophe hit our community, the Caldor Fire. So, to say that our community needs to have an event just for fun, is an understatement.

This year’s theme – “The Magic Is Back” is such an appropriate theme for this event. So, bring the family and enjoy all that this year’s fair has to offer.

2022 Fair Theme

Helpful links in planning your visit to the Fair....

4 Days of Fun Schedule

Buy Admission Tickets and Carnival Tickets

Parking / Free Shuttle - The free shuttle will drop you off at the front gate of the Fairgrounds. You will notice, the new "Johnny's Gatehouse" that was renovated this year thanks to the donations from the El Dorado County Fair Heritage Foundation. Here's a before and after pic.


Events for Participation...Give 'em a try!


The Studebaker Wheelbarrow Races are an annual tradition that showcase fierce competitors of all ages. Participants train hard for the big day where they traverse through various obstacles such as mud pits, railroad ties, and balance beams as the stadium thunders with applause. Winners are showcased in local media and have bragging rights unlike any others. 

Here’s the link to register if you want to participate. Ticket sales end on Friday, June 17, 2022.

Experience the Rubicon Challenge is a competition sponsored by Jeepers Jamboree, County of El Dorado and the Rubicon Trail Foundation. The course will showcase the types of obstacles found on the Trail.

If you and your rig want a challenge this is the competition for you. Advance registration is required, email rubicontrail@edcgov.us.


And Just for the Kids: Pee Wee Rodeo - contests include, Hobby Horse Race, Buckaroo Boot Scramble and Wagon Hay Hauling. Here's the link for more information.


Junior Livestock Auction is the culmination of a year’s activity for El Dorado County’s 4-H and FFA exhibitors.  These young exhibitors select, feed and groom their animals, and the El Dorado County Fair is where they present their projects to the judge and receive the monetary value for their product along with public recognition for their efforts.

If you would like to be a buyer and help support the youth in our community, here's the link for information.


Don’t Forget the Carnival….Do you remember how much fun riding those carnival rides were?! Well, they’re here again, so take some time to investigate the rides and games that are waiting for you and your family this year.


One last note...the El Dorado County Fair Association is a 501c3 non-profit and I wanted to clarify that the Fair Association does not receive any on-going funding from our County.  So, I’m excited to support this non-profit as it provides so much to our community, and am looking forward to my whole family enjoying the El Dorado County Fair this year and hope to see you and yours there too!!

County Seal


If you have any questions, call my office: 530.621.5652