D3 Special Edition: Upcoming Meetings - 5/18/22

May 18, 2022                                          Special Edition:  UPCOMING MEETINGS


On the May 24th Agenda...

Diamond Village Apartments


On Tuesday, May 24th at 2PM (this will be a time-certain item.  It will not be heard before 2PM), the Diamond Village Apartments will be coming before the Board of Supervisors, and I wanted to make you aware of it.  Please review the staff report and submit your comments on this affordable workforce housing project.  We value your input.

Link to Agenda Item 22-0609

Submit Comments to the Clerk of the Board @ edc.cob@edcgov.us 

Planning and Building Department, Long Range Planning, Housing, Community and Economic Development Program, recommending the Board:
1) In accordance with Board Policy A-6, accept the grant award for Community Development Block (CDBG) Grant funding in the amount of $1,498,000 as funding for property acquisition required for affordable multifamily residential development in support of the Diamond Village 81-unit affordable multifamily workforce housing project located in the community of Diamond Springs;
2) Authorize the Director of the Planning and Building Department or successor, contingent upon approval by County Counsel and Risk Management, to execute the Standard Agreement and subsequent amendments thereto that do not affect the dollar amount or the term and to sign other grant-related documents;
3) Authorize the Planning and Building Department Director, or successor, contingent upon approval by County Counsel and Risk Management, to execute the Loan Agreements, Development Agreements, Promissory Notes, Regulatory Agreements, Deeds of Trust With Assignment of Rents, and all other documents necessary to issue the grant funds up to $1,498,000 from Community Development Block Grant funding in the form of a loan, to service the loan to, and collect loan repayments from Diamond Village Apartments, LP, a California
Limited Partnership, for the development of the Diamond Village Apartments in Diamond Springs;
4) Authorize the Auditor-Controller’s Office to process check requests to disburse funds which will be reimbursed by corresponding amounts from the CDBG grant; and
5) Approve and authorize the Chair to sign a budget transfer that would constitute a loan of General Fund adjusting the budget for FY 2021/22 to accommodate the expenditure of grant funds and related expenses that would be reimbursed from CDBG and HCED funding in FY 2022/23. (4/5 vote required).

FUNDING: Federal Community Development Block Grant Funds
Introduced: 3/25/2022       Controlling Body: Board of Supervisors

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Community Meeting Thursday...

Reminder...We Need Your Input!


See you on Thursday, May 19th!

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If you have any questions, call my office: 530.621.5652