D3 Newsletter March 24, 2022

March 24, 2022                                                                                      

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UPDATE: County's Vegetation Management and Wildfire Resiliency Working Group


On September 21, 2021, I authored a board item along with Supervisor Hidahl where the Board of Supervisors directed the CAO's Office to establish a  professional working group tasked with "collaborating on lessons learned from the Caldor Fire in order to define funding streams and initiate a robust, community-based resiliency and vegetation management program that would accelerate the current County efforts".

On Tuesday, March 22, the Board received our first presentation from this esteemed group, and their progress is very impressive!


  • Working Group Members:  CAO's Office, EDC Fire Safe Council, CAL Fire, USFS, EDC Fire Chiefs Association, ED and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation District
  • Hired part time Management Analyst to facilitate working group and county engagement.
  • Contracted with ED Resource Conservation District to hire a county community wildfire protection coordinator with grant funding.
  • Submitted a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant to implement a comprehensive pilot project in a high-risk area.
  • Grant Proposal:  $10.2 million with a county match of $3.3 million for a total of $13.5M to create complete defensible space, home hardening and hazardous fuels treatment in pilot project area.
  • Their work will also focus on establishing one data hub to eliminate siloed efforts,  public outreach, doing a countywide risk assessment, establishing a broad stakeholder organizational structure, and establishing and implementing a comprehensive wildfire protection strategy across El Dorado County.

Additionally, on March 22, the BOS added a new goal to our Strategic Plan which reads, "Lead and facilitate the creation and maintenance of fire-adapted communities".  We also established a Wildfire Resiliency Office within the county to prioritize and coordinate efforts on a countywide level based on a comprehensive wildfire protection strategy which this group will develop.

Those are tremendous accomplishments in 6 months time, and we were told this pilot project will be revolutionary within the State.  The Board expressed their deep gratitude to this group of professionals who are dedicating their time to helping El Dorado County tackle this critical issue head-on. 

March 22, 2022 Agenda Item and Presentation

Sign Petition for FEMA Assistance for Residents!


The County just launched an online petition to persuade President Biden to overturn FEMA's denial of Individual Assistance to our County.  Below is the link to the petition...please join me in signing it, and pass it on widely and freely!  Results will be batched and sent weekly to the White House. 

When President Biden visited following the Caldor Fire, he promised our CAO Don Ashton that the Federal Government would "Take care of them".  We need your help to persuade President Biden to make good on his promise. 

Link to Petition

Defensible Space Assistance Program


The El Dorado County Fire Safe Council (EDCFSC) has been awarded funding to help create defensible space around the primary homes of seniors, veterans or those with low income on the western slope of El Dorado County.  Applicants must be financially and physically unable to develop defensible space around their home.  Creating defensible space around their homes will improve the chance of the residence surviving a fire.  Removing excess vegetation could improve fire suppression efforts and provide a safe area for firefighters to defend the home and/or respond to emergency calls on the property. Participation in this program is voluntary and at no cost to the applicant.

Click here for more information

EDC Strategic Plan Refresh


Our Strategic Plan drives our decisions, tasks and policies, and on March 22, the BOS received an update on progress on our county's goals while also giving the Board an opportunity to refresh and update our Strategic Plan.

Despite the Pandemic and Caldor Fire, our staff made tremendous progress across our organization, and you can see details in the Presentation link below.  Additionally, the BOS made a few substantive changes to the Strategic Plan noted below:

Added to our Core Values:  "FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY:  Develop and maintain a fiscally conservative budget that ensures financial resiliency while meeting the capital and operational needs of the organization and the citizens of El Dorado County".

Added to Strategic Goals under Good Governance:  "Create and maintain a positive governance culture for all employees, co-workers, colleagues, board-appointed commissions and the public by operating in an environment of trust, respect and professional demeanor at all times".

Added to our Goals under Healthy Communities:  "Lead and facilitate the creation and maintenance of fire-adapted communities." and "Prepare countywide Wildfire Protection Strategy".

Added to Infrastructure:  "Explore the feasibility of implementing renewable energy sources (e.g. solar,
cogeneration, fuel cells) at County properties".

Added to Public Safety:  "Plan for the evolution of the transfer of the juvenile justice system from the State to the County".

Link to Strategic Plan Presentation

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now."

Alan Arkin

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Update on Camino Road Concerns


I wanted to provide a progress update on what County DOT staff is doing to address the road concerns along Carson following the Community Meeting on February 28.

Staff has initiated: 

  • Speed Survey 
  • Stop Sign warranted analysis
  • Accident Rate analysis
  • Reviewing signage opportunities 

I greatly appreciate our staff's quick response to your concerns as well as their continued engagement.  Please stay tuned and we will keep you updated on the progress of these efforts.


Back the Badge Event


On March 12, El Dorado County came out to "Back the Badge" and honor all our First Responders and their families who put their lives on the line to protect and serve all of us.

The event was put on by EDSO Thrive with 10-35 which is an amazing organization led by Janine D'Agostini and Thrive members who provide information, support and practical assistance to Sheriff Office members and their families during their law enforcement career and beyond. 

For more information or to see how you can get involved, click here:  EDSO Thrive



It was a pleasure to share a table with Placerville Police Chief, Joe Wren and his wife Michelle along with my parents and our favorite first-responder, my bonus-son Nicholas (EDC Fire) and his wife Siobhan.


New Community Health Center


Congratulations to the El Dorado Community Health Center for making great progress on this gorgeous new facility.  It was my pleasure to celebrate their "Topping Out" ceremony where the final beam on the shell was put in place.  Can't wait for grand opening next!


Honoring EDC's Social Workers


On March 15, the Board recognized and honored our Social Workers who provide critical help and support to those in our community.

The BOS was shocked to hear that social work is the 22nd most dangerous profession due to the fact that they often deal with individuals who are in crisis and facing dark chapters in their lives.  Social workers also represent 21% of our employees within Health and Human Services, so hats off to all those who put service over self to meet community need.



Red Cross Month


On March 15th, we also recognized March as Red Cross Month in recognition of their critical support for those in crisis.  Locally, we certainly felt their impact during the Caldor Fire last year, and the world is depending on their immense support now for our neighbors in Ukraine. 

Where would we be without the Red Cross?