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March 4, 2022                                                                                      

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Camino Meeting Update


My deepest thanks to all who participated in the community meeting on February 28.  Recognizing that nothing we can do will bring Julianna back, it is critical to do all we can to identify problems, gaps and challenges that we can address that might make an important difference going forward.  We owe that to Julianna's family. 

Four major areas of focus emerged:

1) Traffic/Road/Speed Issues   2) Advocacy For Stricter Laws on Criminal Behavior   3)  Signage on Roadway    4)  Community Message Campaign

Traffic/Road/Speed Issues:  On March 3I had a meeting with our Department of Transportation on the suggestions that emerged.  As a result, our staff will be reviewing the speed limit signs on Carson, including identified gaps, in order to reduce speeding concerns.

We will also be doing a Camino Road Survey of Carson Road to look at opportunities for stop signs and other traffic measures that might be appropriate and warranted.  This work will commence in roughly 4 months due to limited staffing resources, but it is now added it to their project matrix.  We will also continue to collaborate with a Camino Working Group on these issues, and I will engage regularly with staff as well.  I would like to thank both Director Rafael Martinez and Deputy Director Brian Mullens who are deeply engaged in this area of concern.

Advocacy For Stricter Laws:  I met with our District Attorney, Vern Pierson on March 4 to more fully understand what legislation to focus on in pushing for stricter laws in regards to criminal behavior, including bail and DUI's.  Additionally, Karen and I have been researching measures to combat drunk driving, including metrics on the use of Ignition Interlock Devices (IID).  Once we get deeper clarity on what areas to pursue, we will work with community members and our legislators in Sacramento to advance this work.

Signage:  We are currently looking at adding signage for Sober Driving Awareness, and our staff will work with the community and Julianna's family on a memorial sign.  This effort is underway now.

Communication Messaging Campaign:  There was community interest in advancing a sustained public service message campaign around road safety, driving sober and protecting our kids.  The Office of Education agreed to look into advancing this effort.

I love the heart of the Camino community.  As we share a collective grief (each in our own way) over Julianna's senseless death, please know I am with you in the journey ahead.

Homeless Strategic Plan


On February 22, the BOS received a presentation on the draft 5-Year Countywide Homeless Strategic Plan by EDOK (El Dorado Opportunity Knocks).  This long awaited plan details local data and strategies for addressing this issue in El Dorado County.

The Board had a robust discussion on the Plan, and our March 8 agenda on Consent Item 9, Supervisor Parlin and I (as members of EDOK's board) request approval to send a comment letter to EDOK documenting the Board's discussion and priorities. 

Link to BOS Draft Comment Letter

Link to Strategic Plan Presentation

Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness Plan


On March 3, the El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) approved a contract to develop a Greater Placerville Area Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness, Community Safety and Resiliency Plan.  These funds were an award through a Sustainable Communities Caltrans planning grant.

Important things to know:

  • FOCUS:  The Highway 50 Corridor from Pollock Pines to Missouri Flat. 
  • Will look at transportation pinch points and vulnerabilities in communications and infrastructure in case of a wildfire, identifying  how these deficiencies might impact your ability to evacuate in a wildfire emergency.  NOTE: This will NOT be a roadmap on where to go in a fire. Rather, the goal is to develop a plan to strengthen these vulnerabilities to make the greater Placerville area (which is the connector and hub of the West Slope) safer and more resilient.  This work will also look at connector roads and parallel capacity to ensure that traffic can flow.  

  • Will work in coordination with other wildfire mitigation efforts underway, including the Fire Safe Councils and the RCD (Resource Conservation District).

  • The firm, DKS, has extensive experience leading evacuation preparedness plans for rural communities and will be utilizing robust public outreach.  The project manager was a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service, he understands fire-behavior and wildfire risk to rural communities and knows El Dorado County well.  
  • Plan to be finished by May 2023.  

Looking forward to this important project!  I think we will all breath a little easier with this work.

Get Prepared for Wildfire Season

Everyone is invited to this informative event hosted by the Placerville Fire Safe Council and the City of Placerville...

Saturday, March 19 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Placerville Town Hall on Main Street


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Ranch Marketing and Winery Ordinance Update


Supervisor Parlin and I had an initial meeting with leaders from the Ag Commission and our staff.  I know there is a lot of interest, and some fear, about this work.

Please know, our goal is not to overly-regulate but to bring clarity to both the Ranch Marketing and the Winery Ordinance in order to protect Ag, find a balanced approach to issues, ensure opportunities (by right) to make additional revenue to weather fluctuations that are inherent in agriculture without sacrificing quality of life for the community.

We had a great kick-off meeting this week.  This next month will be spent researching what other counties are doing successfully, and next month the group will meet to determine what we might want to incorporate in our ordinance and what our next steps will be, including public outreach.

There are misconceptions that decisions have been made... they have not!  Nothing will be done in secret and there will definitely be a public process and opportunities for you to engage.

Stay tuned.  I will definitely keep you updated!


2.22.22... The Magic Number for Love


Eighteen weddings were performed at the County Government Center on February 2, 2022, a record number for Recorder-Clerk Janelle Horne, as couples sought to have that magic number for their anniversary.

I so admire Janelle's creativity and thoughtful approach to her work which was seen in her loving preparations for the day.  Fresh flowers adored the chapel space she has created while festive balloon displays created unique photo opportunities for the new couples.

Love was indeed in the air in El Dorado County!  Great job, Janelle!



Another D3 Appointment!


It is my pleasure to welcome JESSICA ORR  to the Diamond Springs/El Dorado Community Advisory Committee.  

Jessica is a life-long resident of El Dorado County, working at Marshall Medical Center, the El Dorado Community Health Center, TriWest Division of Veterans Affairs and currently with the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians.  In her capacity in Marketing and Communications, Jessica works closely with many non-profits and community organizations, which she values.

Jessica lives right between Diamond Springs and El Dorado, and I appreciate Jessica's deep love for this community as well as her balanced sense preservation and growth.  

Glad to have you here, Jessica.  Thank you for serving District 3 on this important committee.


Grand Opening


Congrats to Big Brothers Big Sisters on their new home at 535 Main Street in Placerville!

What a great opening, and what a wonderful place to love and support the kids in our community!



"He who is well prepared has half won the battle."