D3 Newsletter - February 2, 2022

February 2, 2022                                                                                      


Community Design Standards


For years, the Board of Supervisors and staff have been working toward implementing Design Standards in our community regions, and on February 1, 2022, we made significant progress! 

The BOS just approved a contract to create custom design guidelines/standards for new Commercial/Multi-Family Residential Design Standards for communities identified in County’s General Plan Policy (Cameron Park, El Dorado/Diamond Springs, El Dorado Hills and Shingle Springs). This project will be split into two (2) components, with the Shingle Springs Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Design Standards serving as the lead prototype under Component 1, then moving onto El Dorado/Diamond Springs with the other regions to follow. 

Why this project is important to me is that I believe it will provide critical protection for our communities. This process will involve robust public outreach and engagement, and for the El Dorado/Diamond Springs community, we will build on the work already done in the Missouri Flat Design Guidelines.  

Most significantly, when we have Design Standards in place (rather than just design guidelines) any project that comes down the pike, even SB35 projects, must adhere to those established standards that the community has identified.  Design, including scale and architectural features, is critically important in making sure that new development fits with the special character and historic nature of our hometowns and communities.

This will be a fun process and I look forward to you being involved.  We will need and want your input!

Link to Missouri Flat Design Guidelines

Link to Contract: Item 16 on Consent Calendar

Let's Talk Insurance


Insurance is an evolving issue in California...

On February 1, California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara approved new coverage for farm owners, wineries, and other outdoor businesses previously ineligible for coverage due to outdated laws which could prove helpful to the more rural parts of El Dorado County, including District 3!

Click here for Press Release

Additionally, Commissioner Ricardo Lara recently reached out to our offices with this information... 

"We are aware there has been an increase in Homeowner’s insurance non-renewals and understand that residential insurance is getting harder to find in areas insurers identify as having a high risk of wildfire.  Here are our Top Ten Tips for Finding Residential Insurance to assist you in finding replacement coverage, should you receive a non-renewal notice":  http://www.insurance.ca.gov/01-consumers/105-type/5-residential/Top10Tips_FindingResidentialIns.cfm

The California FAIR Plan provides homeowners insurance as a last resort:  https://www.cfpnet.com/

This link will take you to a tool to help you locate an Agent or Broker registered with the FAIR Plan https://www.cfpnet.com/index.php/find-a-broker/

Information regarding California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program may be found at https://www.mylowcostauto.com/

Nomadic Shelter Support


On January 25, 2022, I brought an item to the BOS to provide up to $115,000 in one-time funding to Housing El Dorado to support the Nomadic Shelter Program this year, to direct staff to work with the El Dorado Food Bank to see if they can supply any needed items, and to return on February 8, 2022 with a budget transfer from General Fund Contingency along with a funding agreement.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

While the El Dorado County Opportunity Knocks CoC finalizes the El Dorado Strategic Plan on Homelessness and works to implement strategic responses to end homelessness in El Dorado County, there still remains the need to provide temporary shelter lodging during the 2021-2022 winter season as a stop-gap measure. 

In recognition of the immense effort by community groups and volunteers, as well as four churches and the City of Placerville who have stepped up to provide a building to ensure there is shelter for 7 nights a week, it is appropriate that the County of El Dorado join this partnership to provide the financial resources needed to ensure shelter services through March 31, 2022 while more permanent solutions are being anticipated and developed this calendar year.

I look forward to the funding agreement coming back to the BOS on the February 8 Consent Calendar, with gratitude for this extraordinary community effort.

Agenda Item Link 

Gratitude for Jody Gray


On February 1, it was a privilege to present a Proclamation from the Board of Supervisors to Jody Gray for her 20 years of faithful service as the CEO of the Fair Association. 

Jody has done an outstanding job in ensuring that the El Dorado County Fairgrounds and Event Center is a vital part of our community.  Whether it's supporting our livestock and agriculture and ensuring a lively County Fair, making sure our non-profits and businesses have a vibrant place to celebrate community events, or whether it's setting everything aside to stand up emergency operations for those who protect and defend our communities, the fairgrounds has blossomed under her leadership.

We wish you all the best in your next chapter, Jody, and are extremely grateful for your leadership.


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Another D3 Appointment!


It is my pleasure to welcome BUD ZELLER  to the Diamond Springs/El Dorado Advisory Committee.  

Bud brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this assignment.  Bud was awarded the Realtor Emeritus, awarded by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for over 50 years of real estate service.  As a resident of Diamond Springs since 1965, he also served on the general plan/zoning and housing committees for El Dorado County so he is well-versed in local planning and land use issues.

Welcome aboard, Bud.  Thank you for serving District 3 on this important committee.


Thank You to Chris Whitaker and Maria Taylor


I would like to express my deep appreciation to both Chris Whitaker and Maria Taylor for their dedicated participation on the Diamond Springs/El Dorado Community Advisory Committee.

Unfortunately, both Chris and Maria have had to resign from this assignment.  I wish both of them all the best moving forward with my gratitude for their support of the Diamond Springs/El Dorado community.

If you have an interest in serving on this committee, please see the vacancy notice below and submit your application for consideration!

Vacancy  Notice


El Dorado County Chamber Awards


On January 27, the El Dorado County Chamber held their annual Installation and Awards dinner, and I would like to offer my congratulations to the award winners for their outstanding contributions to our community:

COMMUNITY SERVICE OF THE YEAR AWARD: JOHN AND JANINE D'AGOSTINI for their extraordinary response in meeting community need by opening their ranch during the Caldor Fire.

ACHIEVEMENT IN TOURISM AWARD:  KARA SATHER, Executive Director of the El Dorado Winery Association (EDWA) for ensuring that our wine industry remained strong and vital during the pandemic.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION AWARD:  ANDREW VONDERSCHMITT, for keeping history alive with the  exemplary Buried-History - Save the Graves program.

GOLDEN SLATE AWARD: GERRY BREAD, for continuing to offer filming sites in the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park when everything else in the state was shut down.

Well done!  Great night.

And congratulations to the incoming Board of Directors with thanks for your deep commitment to our community.





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