D3 Newsletter - Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021


Finding Joy...

The holiday season is in full swing.  Many are finishing up their shopping.  Hosting holiday gatherings.  Visiting friends and family. Finalizing Christmas dinner menus and getting homes ready for festivities. 

This week, as I was rushing about in preparation and thinking about how to best wish our community a joyous Christmas and holiday season, I was suddenly struck by the stark realization that for many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers, this Season is not usual, traditional, or normal.  So many are dealing with indescribable losses, and I cannot even imagine how challenging that makes this Season of Joy.  My heart hurt over what many people are walking through, and then I began to realize that healing, restoration, and hope is what the Christmas story is all about. That caused me to look a little deeper about what our traditional Christmas symbols really stand for...

The Christmas Tree is an evergreen which remains unchanged by the different seasons of life.  It is a reminder of our ability to weather hardship, and as it is weaved into a garland, we are reminded that there always remains a thread of newness, rebirth and regeneration in our human experience.

Angels.  My favorite definition is “God’s thoughts passing to man” (Mary Baker Eddy).  As angels sit on top of our Christmas trees, they help us know that inspiration, guidance, comfort and love are ever present in our lives, and even when we are walking through a dark chapter, we are not alone.

The North Star has long been a symbol of our inner compass and guiding light that moves us from where we are.  It inspires us to walk toward hope, not asking to know what we will find at the end of that journey, but trusting enough to know that it will be eventually good.

Light. The Christmas season is filled with light...lights on the tree, on our houses and with the candles that sit on our windowsills and in our homes.  Light pierces through the blackest night, and that is what the Christmas message is all about.  I love the thought that the Christ did not appear at high noon, he was born in the dark of night to guide us out of darkness with love.


May this Season of Hope embrace you where you are and fill you with joy, no matter what the human experience is throwing at you.  And this year, if you just do not have the capacity to make room at the inn, consider offering the barn.  Hope can be born in the lowliest of places.

Karen and I send you our very best and remain incredibly grateful to be your ambassadors in our community.

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Supervisor Wendy Thomas  District 3

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